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New Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie In The Studio

New Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie In The Studio

New Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie

The newest Farida endorsee, Jon Kenzie, has been in the recording his stunning new album…

A few months ago, you might remember that Farida Guitars ran a competition to win an endorsement package. The deserved winner, and new Farida endorsee,  was Jon Kenzie, whose laid-back, soulful performance, and sharp, witty lyrics won everyone over.

Despite the laid-back nature of his music, Jon is one of the hardest working musicians that you’ll ever come across. He’s spent long spells of the last 12-months or so gigging and busking across Europe and the US.

Now that he’s back on these shores, he’s re-investing the money he made along the way into recording his new album.

And, from what we have heard so far, it going to be really rather special…

New Farida Endorsee - Jon Kenzie

Keeping things chilled…

Jon’s album has been largely recorded in Dorset’s Conversion Studios, over the course of a week at the beginning of July. He picked the studio in part due to its two great live rooms, and well-equipped control room, but largely because of its location, setting, and lack of distractions:

New Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie - Conversion Studios

“The studio its self is of a very high standard with two large live rooms and a pretty impressive control room with a 48 track desk recording through radar.

It also has a cottage on site that put up myself and all the other musicians involved over the whole week of my session. This was an important aspect in choosing the studio, as I really wanted as chilled a recording atmosphere as possible with no time constraints.”

Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie - Conversion Studios

This ethos extended to the time schedule of all of the sessions, too:

“Most professional studios these days work on 8 hr days such as nine to five which can add unwanted pressure on a days recording.

For this album, our days in the studio were more like 12pm till 4am. So, with no real time pressure it created a much more chilled and relaxed recording environment, which was exactly what I wanted.”

Jon has had a crew from Envelope Films recording the sessions, which he’ll be using to promote the album. He sent us a link to the first of these, a recording of a new track called ‘Silly Little Thing’. It’s fair to see that we’re very excited to hear the finished album after hearing this, and we’re sure you will be, too.

Farida Endorsee Jon Kenzie - Conversion Studios

And, though this is the type of one-man, acoustic performance for which he is famed, Jon has gone to great lengths to sing the praises of the musicians he was lucky enough to involve in the project.

The finished album will feature Eryl Roberts on drums, Ben Williams on guitar, Matt Owen on double bass and Justin Shearn on keys.

It’s easy to see why Farida are overjoyed to have Jon as an endorsee. We’ve heard just a snippet of his new work, and we can’t wait for the finished article.

Jon is hoping to get the album mixed, mastered and ready for release via his website (you can visit this by clicking the link here) by September, but he’ll be releasing more videos over the coming weeks as a ‘teaser’.

Looking forward to it already… 😉

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