Farida Frank Turner J-FT Acoustic Guitar

Frank Turner tells us about his new Farida J-FT signature acoustic guitar

Regular readers of this blog may remember an article announcing the launch of the Farida J-FT Frank Turner signature acoustic guitar, posted in December. This limited edition guitar was a collaborative design by Frank and Farida. The resulting instrument a stunning example of both Farida ‘s incredible craftsmanship, and what can be achieved when a great artist knows exactly what he wants in an instrument, with no compromises. Frank Turner is a very busy man. So busy, in fact, that he was recently voted the ‘hardest working artist’ in music. Despite this, he still found a few minutes in his hectic tour schedule to answer a few questions about his new Farida. Sam Salisbury, Farida ’s UK representative, posed the questions…

Farida Frank Turner J-FT Acoustic Guitar

Sam Salisbury : When the design process began, what kind of acoustic sound were you looking for from the guitar?

Frank Turner : I like my acoustic guitars to sound full and rich, like the main instrument in an ensemble rather than something thinner and more trebly or rhythmic. Quite often I play solo, so I need the guitar to be able to carry the full musical range that I want behind my voice.

Sam Salisbury : Was there a reason that you chose not to include an onboard pre-amp?

Frank Turner : I’m more concerned with how a guitar sounds as an acoustic instrument. My live sound engineer Graham is more in charge of taking that sound and amplifying it through a PA system. He likes to work with Fishman pickups and his own set of D.I.s, EQ and compressors. I also prefer not to have too much electronica bolted to the natural wooden instrument that I’m playing – having a sound hole pickup feels less intrusive on the integrity of the guitar.

Sam Salisbury : What were your first impressions of your prototype model?

Frank Turner : I loved the prototype from the moment I got it. It looks great – it’s a nice big, bold piece of wood, and the acoustic sound was instantly full and rich and warm.

Sam Salisbury : Do you feel happy to put your name to this guitar?

Frank Turner : I’m very proud to have this guitar with my logo on the headstock and my name associated with it, it’s a great instrument.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

And with that, Frank was gone, no doubt to play another gig, to a crowd who are having the night of their lives.