Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature

Introducing the Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

Please note: The Farida J-FT Frank Turner signature model is no longer available. If you’re looking for an alternative model we suggest the Farida J-10CE, which is very similar in design and construction.

The Farida J-FT Frank Turner signature is the first guitar in Farida’s newly unveiled ‘Artist Designed’ series. The concept of this new range is to work alongside some of the UK’s finest and most respected artists, and by taking input gleaned from their extensive experience from years of touring, performing and recording, create a quality, innovative instrument to their specification. As with many signature instruments, the initial design cues were often taken from aspects of guitars they have loved, and also from those things that they have always wanted to see in a guitar. These requests were then passed to the Farida design team. The initial ideas were then ‘streamlined’ by Farida’s expert luthiers. By employing suggestions and tweaks based on their extensive experience, and passing ideas back and forth between design team and artist, the guitar was ‘fine-tuned’ to the artists’ specification.

The resulting instruments are unlike typical signature instruments. The process, being a ‘labour of love’ on the part of both artist and Farida’s design team, has produced guitars that are not simply clones of the guitarist’s instrument. These are, in essence, the instruments that the guitarists would play if they did not have to compromise on any aspect.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature

Collaboration with Frank Turner

The first of these is the Farida J-FT, designed with UK folk-punk hero, and former Million Dead frontman, Frank Turner. Though Turner began his musical career with the alternative band, Kneejerk, and continued down this ‘alternative’ route via his four years with Million Dead, it is via his folk-based solo work that he has reached his greatest audience, and received his greatest acclaim. As might be expected for someone of his credentials, however, this is folk with its roots in punk. The Farida J-FT very much reflects Frank’s musical attitude, in that it is a classic instrument at heart, but with enough unique design elements to set this apart as a very individual guitar.

The initial request was for a jumbo cutaway body style, with great low-end response. UK Farida representative, Sam Salisbury suggested a sound-hole pickup, and a Fishman Rare Earth was settled upon, for its rich and articulate tone. In terms of tone-woods, the Farida J-FT features the classic, balanced combination of solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

Boutique tone, made for the road

Frank first got his hands on the first Farida J-FT the afternoon before his recent gig at the Manchester Apollo. Strumming it in the middle of the empty venue, he was stunned by the guitar’s tone. It sounds, in a word, huge, with focused, tight bass tones. He was so enamoured with it, in fact, that he’s been playing it every night since, which, if you’ve ever seen Frank Turner’s touring schedule, is a lot of gigs (he was voted the hardest working artist at the 2011 AIM awards, after all…). Farida are a company whose involvement in the UK music scene has always bee with the aim of supporting independent artists, who are slightly ‘left’ of the mainstream, the company fitting that description themselves to some extent. This perhaps, makes the collaboration with Frank Turner such a well-fitting one, the man himself being an independent and ‘self made’ artist.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

Another key unique feature of the Farida J-FT is its exclusivity. The guitar is limited to just 25, numbered units worldwide. Each of these is a guitar built to the exact specification of the instrument Frank Turner is currently playing on tour. This is not an approximation of his guitar; it is exactly the same in every way. The full RRP is £1099, but for those who wish to pre-order, a further discount brings the price to £999. Regardless of whose signature model this, or how limited the production run, this is an exceptional price for a guitar of its specification. Should you wish to pre-order, you can even specify which serial number you would like, with numbers 3 to 25 currently still available.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

With only the Farida J-FT unveiled, it seems the ‘Artist Designed’ series is already promising some of the most exciting acoustic guitars of the forthcoming months. Stay tuned for more announcements… Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today.
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