The new Farida JT-60 2DCC guitar designed in collaboration with Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday gets its first publicity…

The Farida Artist-Designed range is due to expand shortly, with a guitar co-designed in collaboration with none other than Two Door Cinema Club’s Sam Halliday: the Farida JT-60 2DCC. If you are unaware of the series, these guitars are designed as collaboration between leading artists and the master luthiers and designers at Farida. The premise is that the artist presents a concept of what they would like to see in a guitar, if they didn’t have to compromise on any detail. The guys at Farida then work with the artist to make that happen.

The Farida JT-60 2DCC is latest prototype to appear from this process, and it’s fair to say that Sam Halliday is pretty pleased with it. Previously. He’d been playing a one-of-a-kind, Farida CT-60 with bigsby previously (as seen below), and the new guitar is loosely based on that. It features a similar body shape style, but with some tweaks to make this a unique shape to the Farida range. Plus, this guitar is solid rather than semi hollow. Aside from this, it has some very unique features indeed…

Farida JT-60 2DCC Two Door Cinema Club

The specs of this prototype are as follows:

  • The body is a solid, 2-piece African mahogany construction
  • Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Reverse headstock
  • Vintage style tremolo-bridge
  • P90 neck pickup
  • Single coil bridge pickup
  • Analogue delay with controls built into lower horn(!)
  • White finish with single play black scratchplate
  • Only 25 of the finished guitar due to be made!

Currently only the prototype of the Farida JT-60 2DCC exists. We were very pleased to see Sam putting it to very good use in the studio and on stage in a trailer for the forthcoming new 2DCC album ‘Beacon’ which is due in September. Once everything has been given the thumbs-up, production will begin on these highly limited edition guitars. The album promises to expand on the trademark punk-pop sound of ‘Tourist History’ with some darker, synth elements creeping into the mix, but retaining the energy and hook laden songs.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with the progress of the Farida JT-60 2DCC, email [email protected], or [email protected] to express your interest. Stay posted to this blog for updates.

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