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Father’s Day Gifts For Musical Dads

Father’s Day Gifts For Musical Dads

Perfect gifts for the old man in your life

Many of us were fortunate – or unfortunate – enough to have our early lives influenced by the musical choices of our parents. Speaking personally, I can trace my love of slow, bridge-pickup, moody solos back to my dad’s Chris Rea CDs playing in the car as we traipsed from campsite to campsite during the summer months. It was him who also handed my his old tape of Axis/Bold As Love by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. So there’s clearly a link between the music your parents introduce you to, and the tastes and styles you naturally gravitate towards as you find your own favourites.

For those of you even luckier, you may have had a parent who didn’t just listen to music. Your folks may have actually played, performed, written or just had fun making music of their own. If you now play yourself, hopefully you realise how cool that actually is. Not everyone has creative parents, you see.

Anyway, with Father’s Day coming up soon, we thought it might be a good idea to show you some of the different things you could get for your musical dad. We’ve tried to steer clear of lottery-win type presents like this frankly obscene Gibson Les Paul Standard and keep things affordable, but with a touch of quality thrown in to let the old man know you care.

Let’s crack on then, and look at our carefully curated list of father’s day gifts for musical dads.

Guitar Tuner Pedal - Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal display

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Hardly a controversial opinion, but an instrument in tune sounds infinitely better than one that isn’t. You come here for the hard facts, and we deliver. Jokes aside though, a tuner is almost the perfect present for someone. A great tuner is even better.

Think about it. We’ve all received presents that, perhaps, didn’t inspire us on first opening them but, over time, grew to become well used and well loved. A good quality tuner pedal is the archetype of this kind of present. It doesn’t change your sound in any cool way, or unlock new techniques, but what it does do is put you on the right path to go forth. Pretty much like what a dad does. So there we have it. Dads are, basically, tuners. If you can afford it, the Boss TU-3 is a superb choice that your dad will eventually hand down to you one day. Think of it as an investment then.

FZONE FT-2001 Clip-on Tuner

Everything we said up there about the importance of a good tuner could essentially be copied and pasted into this section, but we’re not that lazy. Instead, we’ll point out how a clip-on tuner makes a great second tuner, able to provide backup to your A-Team in times of need. Plus the FZONE FT-2001 doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and they gave it a name like it’s a fighter jet so, y’know, double win.

Gibson Montana

Gibson Montana Guitar Strap

Fact. Your dad probably owned a leather jacket when he was younger. Fact. He probably looked better in it than you would. Fact. You had a leather jacket phase yourself, but realised the previous fact to be true and abandoned it in favour of sensible Gore-Tex hiking wares.

The simple truth is that it takes a certain type of man to pull off wearing leather, and anybody born pre-1980 had this pre-built into their very being. Buying your dad something like this Gibson Montana Guitar Strap tells him that you recognise his dominance over you in fashion terms, and that this is a peace offering.

Planet Waves Varigrip

Planet Waves Varigrip

Another thing your dad is better than you at is pure, brute strength. So maybe this present isn’t the best idea. Basically, the Planet Waves Varigrip is a device specifically designed to help improve strength in your fretting hand. Even down to individual finger level. It’s like a gym just for your digits, only without the sweat, protein shakes and mid-life crises of an actual gym. Doesn’t cost a lot, and will only ever increase your father’s physical dominance over you, but still: great present.

Fender Touring Series Earplugs

Maybe your dad is still playing. Rocking the weekend warrior thing. Good on him. You could learn a lot. If this is the case though, you should start thinking about the poor guy’s hearing. Hearing, as we know, deteriorates as we age. So if you don’t want an eternity of him squinting his eyes and shouting “WHAT?”, maybe you could give him a set of nice ear protectors like these Fender Touring Series ones. They will help protect those lugs from the harsh reality of being a musician.

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