Father's Day Gifts

Edited 12/06/2017

If your Dad’s a guitarist, here are five great Fathers Day presents…

Buying Fathers Day presents can be a tricky task. There are always safe bets, that are a little boring, but getting something he’ll really appreciate is far more difficult. If he’s a guitarist, however, the World is your oyster. And to prove it, here are 5 really great fathers day presents.

1. Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit

Dunlop System 65 Guitar maintenance Kit

Blokes tend to get quite obsessed with the things they love. Some will spend hours polishing, and buffing their car or golf clubs. If he’s a guitarist, however, the chances are that his guitar will be his pride and joy. The Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit contains all he needs to keep his guitar in tip top condition- just add a set of strings.

2. CruzTools Guitar Multi-Tool

CruzTools Guitar Multi Tool

If your Dad plays an electric or bass guitar, the CruzTools Guitar multi-tool is an ideal gift. Providing all of the Allen-key and screwdrivers he might need to make adjustments to his guitar, with even ball-end apparatus for truss rod adjustment, this is an incredibly useful addition to anyone’s guitar case.

3. Boss Micro BR-80 portable digital recorder

If your Dad has ever harboured dreams of recording his own music, Boss Micro BR-80 is ideal. Capable of recording up to 8 tracks, with a built-in drum machine, backing generator, on-board guitar effects, and even built in stereo microphone, it really is a studio in your pocket. Fathers day presents don’t get much better than this. Or do they…?

4. Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012 Tea Burst

Yes, okay, it would be an incredibly generous present, but he is your Dad. The Gibson Les Paul Standard is undoubtedly one of the guitars most desired by players everywhere. There are many Dads who have lusted after one their entire lives, so if you were to get him one, you’d be fulfilling a lifelong dream. Should you decide to make give this present, we have a range of finance options to make payment easier. But, hey, what price can you put on fulfilling your Dad’s dream 😉