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NAMM 2015: New Fender Range

NAMM 2015: New Fender Range

New Fender models for 2015 – more to be announced!

New Fender at NAMM 2015

New year, new Fender range. Hot on the heels of Gibson’s new range announcement comes the new models from the ‘other’ big American guitar brand, and there are a few surprises in its ranks. We’ve had word that this isn’t everything that Fender will be releasing in 2015, so keep an eye on this page around the NAMM show to hopefully see even more!

Let’s take a look at these interesting new Fender 2015 models in a bit more detail.

Fender Classic Series 60s Jazzmaster Lacquer Guitar - Surf Green

Jazzmasters and Jaguars

The sexy sisters return with some vintage twists on an already vintage favourite. Top of the pile is a downright filthy looking Surf Green ’60s Jazzmaster, which features an authentic nitrocellulose lacquer finish, ensuring it will age gracefully and accelerate a natural relic process to add further character to this iconic guitar. Check out the full range of Fender Jaguars here.

If you’re too impatient to wait for your guitar to age normally, Fender has sped up the process by offering Road Worn versions of the two 60s models. The Road Worn Jazzmaster comes in authentic three-colour sunburst, while the Road Worn Jaguar reverts back to its time-honoured Candy Apple Red suit. Check out the full range of Fender Jazzmasters here.

Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass V Bass Guitar - Crimson Red Transparent


Further complementing the new range are a bunch of new Dimension basses from entry-level offshoot Squier. Both 4 and 5-string models are available, in a range of colours including a striking Crimson Red Transparent, seen above.

Fender Okume Bass Guitar

Perhaps more interesting are the new Okume bodied active basses, which comes in both Jazz and Precision shapes, with the Jazz version offering either four or five strings. Information is thin on the ground at what particular benefits this particular African hardwood offers, however Fender promise it is both lightweight and resonant, and it looks pretty striking too in its natural finish.

Fender USA Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar - Black


Geddy Lee of cult prog-rockers Rush is the beneficiary of a new signature model too; the old signature model has been a favourite for years anyway, and this new model which actually combines elements of Geddy’s three favourite basses will surely embellish the legend even further.

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