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A new video from the Fender Factory R&D department shows California’s finest making 3D printed guitars…

There are some technologies that revolutionise just about everything upon their development. Electricity, computers, the Internet- all have changed every area of modern life.

The most recent technological development to promise such far-reaching change is 3D printing. The ability to create 3D components from wire frame digital models, simply with a 3D printer and a computer is revolutionising design everywhere.

Aside from being able to print replacement components yourself, or prototype new ideas easily, it presents huge possibilities for customisation, and creating new, unique products.

There have already been guitars and other musical instruments to experiment with 3D printing. When the big players reveal that they are experimenting too, however, it indicates that this may well be the future of this business.

A new video from the R&D department at the Fender Factory does just that, and very exciting it is, too…

The most ‘custom’ of Custom Shop guitars?

In this new video, R&D Senior Vice President, Keith Chapman, and Marketing Vice President, Justin Norvell, explain how 3D printing techniques are already in-use at the Fender Factory.

Like many manufacturers, Fender has used 3D printing for fast and convenient prototyping- particularly for acoustic guitar pre-amps.

However, as can be seen from this video, it has taken things a huge step further, with whole guitar bodies that have been created in this way.

Though it’s clear that Fender recognise the huge potential offered by this technology. However, whether guitarists would be willing to put down their wooden Strats and Telecasters in favour of these is an entirely different question.

Fender Factory To Offer 3D Printed Guitars?

Guitarists, like many musicians, can be a bit resistant to change. From the moment the electric guitar was developed, technological developments have been met with mistrust by some players and music fans.

It remains to be seen whether a plastic guitar, manufactured by computer will be a step too far…

It’s hard to disagree that this is a very interesting step in the electric guitar’s rich history, however.

Would you buy a 3D printed guitar?

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