The Fender Vintera series of guitars and basses cherry-pick highlights from across the decades with game-changing features aplenty. Indulge yourself...

Fender show ’em how it’s done

Dropping in time for the Summer, the Fender Vintera Series’ hails from their facility in Ensenada, Mexico, brimming with retro charm whilst upping the stakes for modern players. As ever, Fender’s Mexican team put their heart and soul into these instruments and for those who seek reliable touring partners that look as good as they sound, then prepare to fall hard for the Vintera range!

Old Meets New

From the very beginning Fender have gone the extra mile to equip artists with guitars and basses that allowed them to lead rather than follow. With this in mind, Fender cherry-picked the finest features across each decade and lovingly adorned each Vintera model with its own period-specific vibe.

Mexican Magic

As noted above and detailed in previous articles, Fender’s Ensenada plant is located a mere 180 miles south of their Fullerton base. Producing instruments of outstanding quality at surprisingly affordable prices is made to appear effortless, and it is clear to see why so many guitarists and bassists elect to gig with a trusty Mexican Fender in tow.

Vintera Concept

Fender Vintera Lifestyle

The idea behind the Vintera Series is to bring that same level of attention to detail and imperious quality that has made Fender a household name around the world, and channel it into a host of instruments that can hold their own in the studio, take all the punishment that comes with life on the road, and won’t back down no matter how hard you tear it up on stage.

Pickup Perfection

At the same time, Fender didn’t want to compromise on those luxurious tones we’ve all come to know and love. Hence their reason to once again tap up legendary pickup engineer Tim Shaw, who guided the Fender team as they carefully crafted original pickups for each vintage era model. Adhering closely to the characteristic sound of each era whilst developing pickups that can cope with modern setups is no mean feat, and Fender’s team have come up trumps.

As Tim Shaw stated, “Each pickup is voiced for the instrument, for the period, and for position. Era-specific magnets, wire, and winding specs for each decade were all part of the equation.”

Magnet Mastery

Across both single-coil and humbucker pickups a myriad of magnets are tasked with recreating period-specific tones. By incorporating Alnico 5/3/2 magnets across the new Vintera Strats, Teles, Mustangs, etc., Tim Shaw and the team captured the raw essence of each period (’50s/’60s/’70s) with the utmost fidelity.

Wind It Up

Each decade represented features pickups that have been recreated down to the tiniest detail. Not only did the team go to town with regard to magnet selection, but exacting standards were applied to the pickup wire applied, wire coating (Formvar/Plain Enamel/Polysol), winding amounts, pole pieces, etc.

Periods Represented

So, Fender’s Vintera Series celebrates milestones in the legendary instrument maker’s history. Starting with the explosion of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, then surfing through the cool of the 1960s and moving onto the ground-breaking era of the 1970s, Fender goes to show they have it all with: Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, Mustangs, Precision and Jazz Basses, and more. Not only that, but Fender have even included some Modified renditions of their classic models for good measure.

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