Some instruments seem more appropriate than others for this time of year – here’s some particularly festive music gear

When it gets to this time of year, things seem to take on a more ‘seasonal’ appearance. Shop windows are filled with items with very ‘Christmassy’ colours. Music shops are loaded with equipment of all colours, so if you’re looking for some particularly festive music gear, then you’re in luck!

Here are some great instruments and equipment to bring in some Christmas cheer…

Fender Mustang II V.2 FSR White

Festive Music Gear

Is there anything more evocative of a wintry Christmas than white? Whether it’s the icing sugar on a Yule log, or the snow in your garden, white is winter. And despite East 17’s best efforts to ruin it, white is still cool. This FSR (limited edition – factory short run) Mustang is a prime example.

Native Instruments Maschine – White

\Festive Music Gear

Native instruments Maschine is pretty much the undisputed beat-making king. With recent software updates, it has become a powerful standalone music production platform in its own right.

When Native updated its range to V.2, it provided the hardware in a new, white finish. Very festive. The new, backlit, coloured trigger buttons look a bit like Christmas lights, too…

Gibson Slash Vermillion Les Paul

Festive Music Gear
If Santa played a Les Paul, I suspect it would be the recent, Slash Vermillion model. Featuring a stunning AAA flamed maple top, and zebra, custom ‘Slash’ series alnico pickup.

Festive Music Gear

The headstock is emblazoned with the Slash, cartoon logo, but in every other sense this is a classic Les Paul.

Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderbird IV Bass TV Silver

Festive Music Gear

Things that are shiny and glittery are also very evocative of Christmas, and also tend look amazing under stage lights, too.

The Thunderbird is a classic, with its iconic asymmetric silhouette, and imposing style. This Epiphone Ltd. edition silver model is beautiful and affordable, too.

Stagg Jingle Bells

Festive Music Gear

Working on that ‘Christmas Single’, and stuck for ideas? Grab a set of Stagg Jingle Bells, and then play them over an existing song. Voila! Instant Christmas vibe, and all for less than a fiver…