Looking for the best classical guitar? Don't know where to begin? Check out our guide to some of the best models that won't break the bank.

We pick our top choices for the best classical guitar

So, you’ve read our article “Classical vs. Acoustic Guitars – Which Is Right For Me?” and you have your heart set on a classical guitar. Yet, you’re not sure which one to go for? Fear not! We’ve made a list that will help you pick the best classical guitar to meet your needs.

1.Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

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Kicking things off is the Yamaha C40 classical guitar, which comprises high-quality materials married together via time-tested construction techniques. Not only is it affordable but it is ideal for those who want a long-lasting playing partner.

The C40’s body uses a lightweight yet robust tonewood called meranti. The design of the body combines well with meranti to generate a hearty mid-range tonal foundation. Paired with the body is a spruce top, which projects an enthusiastic energy to ensure that your performance is loud and clear. Whether you’re fingerpicking or strumming each note rings out true.

Developing confidence across the neck is a must for beginners and you’ll soon find your way with the C-40. Therefore, the sturdy nato neck design curves to a C-shaped profile to sit sweetly in the crook of your hand. Married to the neck is a sumptuous rosewood fingerboard with nylon strings that are forgiving to your fingertips.

As we’d expect from Yamaha, the C40 boasts durable hardware across the board. Steadfast tuning machines hold each string securely, whilst the rosewood bridge anchors each string to optimise sustain. The Yamaha C40 classical guitar is a fantastic instrument for honing your skills on.

2. Redwood Castille Classical Guitar

Image of a Classical Guitar

The Redwood Castille classical guitar is perfect for starting your guitar playing career on. Don’t let the affordable price fool you, its build quality and playability mean the Castille punches well above its price tag.

The hardwood body shape adopts a curvy, classical profile that sits comfortably on the knee. A coating of gloss improves the resilience of the natural finish and increases longevity to make it ideal for guitarists on the go. The beautiful soundhole rosette complements the natural finish of the soundboard and adds a refined touch.

Attached to the body is a firm hardwood neck that forms a substantial feel in the hand. The composite fingerboard offers a luxurious playground for your fingers to explore. A flat fingerboard profile makes it easy to apply correct technique. Thanks to the nylon strings you can practise to your heart’s content. Robust hardware maintains string action and tuning, helping your fingers to find their way with ease.

Whether you’re taking on classical, latin, folk or stripped back acoustic renditions of your favourite rock songs, the Redwood Castille classical guitar is a delight to play on.

3. Epiphone PRO-1 Classical Acoustic Guitar

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The Epiphone PRO-1 Classical acoustic guitar gives youngsters a helping hand in starting their musical journey. Those who are embarking on their guitar journey will appreciate the comfortable playing feel afforded by the neck, offering the ideal platform for honing correct technique on.

The reduced-depth mahogany body eliminates cumbersome dimensions and establishes a snug feel against the body. In spite of the reduced-depth, the body retains a robust mid-range timbre that projects a smooth timbre via the laminated cedar top. Custom PRO-prietary bracing reinforces the soundboard to minimise impairment over the guitar’s lifespan.

Connected to the body is a sturdy mahogany neck, which is shaped to the EZ “D”-shape neck profile for maximum playing comfort. Partnered with the neck is a heavenly rosewood fingerboard with position inlays to guide your way. PRO-Ease lubricant allows the fingers to shift around the fingerboard unimpeded by stickiness or tackiness. The sloped dovewing headstock bears a vintage-style “Epiphone” metal badge. Epiphone deluxe classical tuning machines optimise tuning integrity thanks to their impressive 16:1 gear ratio.

Each Epiphone PRO-1 Classical acoustic guitar includes a humidifier to further protect your instrument.

4. Merida Trajan T-5 Classical Guitar

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Merida have gained a worthy reputation for crafting sublime instruments at affordable prices and the Merida Trajan T-5 Classical Guitar is a shining example of what they’re capable of.

The body back and sides are built from mahogany, which establishes an enviable timbre infused with depth and warmth. Paired with the top is a spruce top, which projects notes that sparkle with the utmost articulation. Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking single notes, you can rest assured that the Trajan T-5 sings gracefully.

Joined to the body is a solid mahogany neck that extends along a generous scale length. The neck profile combines with the subtle fingerboard radius to complement the natural curve of your hand for improved playability. From the nut to the neck joint, each and every fret is within easy reach.

The headstock is home to Der Jung tuning machines, which maximise stability throughout the most demanding of performances. Each string meets the body via an exquisitely crafted bridge and saddle partnership. The Merida Trajan T-5 Classical Guitar is perfect for guitarists of any age or skill level.

5. Merida Diana DC-15SP Classical Guitar

Image of a Classical Guitar

We round off our list with the Merida Diana DC-15SP Classical Guitar. For those who want an instrument that can take them to the next level, then this is the perfect model for you.

Spalted maple back and sides invigorate the acoustic timbre, whilst the solid cedar top effuses a subtle output with rich textures. Every note rings true thanks to immaculate articulation. Though the guitar feels lightweight you can rest assured that it is built as solidly as they come. Ornate touches include a lavish soundhole rosette and sleek body binding around the top.

Connected to the body is a sturdy mahogany neck, which is a tough yet supple wood that provides a solid and supportive playing feel. Married to the neck is a pau ferro fingerboard to guarantee a smooth yet resilient playground for your fingers to dance around in. Navigating the neck and fingerboard is a breeze thanks to the immaculate precision with which they are carved and joined together. At the top of the neck is a Graphtech Black Tusq XL nut that provides a stable bed for each string.

Along the headstock you’ll find nickel tuning machines, which reinforce tuning integrity to enable you to play without restraint. As you tenderly pluck notes or strum with passion, rest assured that the Merida Diana DC-15SP Classical Guitar can match you every step of the way.

Further Information

Hopefully, you’ve spotted the model for you – or at the very least we’ve whetted your appetite for classical guitars with our list. View our wider selection of acoustic guitars for even greater choice.

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