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Five Great Reverb Pedals

Five Great Reverb Pedals

Updated 16/08/2016

If you want to add some classic ambience to your guitar tone, take a look at these five great reverb pedals

Look at the pedal boards of the vast majority of great guitarists, and reverb pedals will feature in some shape or form. This effect is pretty much essential for adding a bit of ‘ambience’ to the sound. This can vary from tight, ‘room’ reverbs, to expansive ‘hall’ reverbs, and vintage style ‘spring’ and ‘plate’ reverbs.

For adding a sense of space, and the final polish to a guitar tone, a reverb is just the ticket.

Here a re five that would make a welcome addition to any pedal board.

Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb

Boss RV-6
The Boss RV-6 is the latest evolution (and next after the RV-5) of the first digital reverb pedal unit, the RV-2. Built into a bombproof Boss chassis, it offers 6 different reverb modes: Modulate, Spring, Plate, Hall, Room as well as Shimmer, Dynamic and Delay control.

Effect level, Tone and Delay Time control allow these to be edited extensively. A stereo input and stereo output add even more to the unit’s versatility as does the jack which will accommodate an expression pedal, and if you’re not completely reassured by its tank-like construction, the Boss 5-year warranty should put you at ease.

Strymon Big Sky Reverberator

Strymon Big Sky Multi Reverb

Strymon reverbs are among the world’s best, and are slowly becoming one of the new industry standard reverb pedals. Due to the solid build construction and sheer amount of reverb sounds you can get out of the BlueSky and Big Sky pedals you’re likely to see at least one of these on any professional pedal board anywhere in the world.

The absolutely awesome Big Sky pedal has 12 Reverb types to choose from, including Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Swell, Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer, Magneto, Nonlinear and Reflections as well as 300 preset slots to store your custom reverb sounds that you can manipulate via the 7 tone-shaping controls, which includes 2 editable parameter knobs. These controls allow you to tweak further and create your own idyllic reverb sound and actually name each preset allowing for quick sound changes mid set. If that isn’t enough, the unit is true bypass with an analog dry path for a zero latency dry signal and has stereo MIDI input and outputs – there’s not a lot this pedal doesn’t have!

By far one of the best reverb pedals around from a brand that have analysed over 50 years of reverb technology to bring you an amazing piece of kit that will last a lifetime.

Wampler Faux Spring Reverb

Wampler Faux Spring Reverb


Hand made in USA, the Wampler range of pedals is quickly turning heads (and ears) due to the immense range of tones and beautiful sounds that these pedals can achieve. The Wampler Faux Spring Reverb certainly makes it onto our favourite reverb pedals list thanks to it’s simple, easy to use layout and of course beautiful lush reverbs inherent in the pedal. The interesting thing about this pedal is the shade knob, which allows you to alter the overall vibe of the sound. Go from dark menacing reverb tones to bright shimmers at the turn of a knob and find the perfect reverb tone for you. It’s also worthy of noting that this true bypass pedal is all analogue circuitry yet it’s a digital reverb pedal, so you get the best of both worlds really and the likes of Keith Urban uses it on his live rig – pretty cool. Well worth checking out!

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

Reverb Pedals - EHX Holy Grail Nano

With a name like ‘Holy Grail’ you’d expect these reverb pedals to be good. Well, this is EHX, and they have a habit of delivering the goods with ease. Those who don’t like to get too bogged down with tweaks and settings will love the Holy Grail Nano’s simplicity. For those who still want the gorgeous lush tones of the original Holy Grail, but can’t be bothered forking out a fortune on 2nd hand sites to get one, or perhaps don’t have the pedal board space, the Holy Grail Nano is your best option. As mentioned before, it’s super simple to use – three Classic EHX reverb types with a level control, built in to an almost indestructible casing and that’s it. Simple.

Rowin LEF-662 Reverb Pedal

Rowin LEF-662 Reverb Pedal

Seeing as we’re on the subject of saving space on your pedal board, we should talk about the Rowin LEF 662 Reverb. Just a bit bigger than a fun size snickers bar, the Rowin Reverb could be considered tiny compared to some other pedals you may be used to. But don’t let its size fool you – this True Bypass pedal has some serious capability and really packs a lot into a small stomp box, especially considering how low the price is. You have 3 reverb modes to choose from and you can tweak the decay, reverb amount and tone too. Small but very handy.

View a complete range of reverb pedals at the Dawsons website.

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