If you’re looking for some tonal inspiration, a guitar multi FX unit can a great solution – here are 5 great choices

You know how it is- you have a great sounding guitar, and a great amp, but somehow, you fell in need of a bit of sonic inspiration. Perhaps it’s a bit like having your favourite food every day, in that eventually, despite loving the taste, your palette needs something fresh and new.

Effects are a great way of adding some inspiration to your tone, and guitar multi FX units provide a massive tonal palette in one ‘hit’.

There are countless types of multi FX units available, at all budget levels.

Here are five great choices to check out

Guitar Multi FX - Vox Stomplab IIG

Vox Stomplab IIG

If you needed any proof that guitar multi FX units won’t necessarily break the bank, the Stomplab IIG provides ample. Costing less than many stompboxes, the IIG provides 104 modelling effects types, with 8 simultaneously. It has 100 onboard presets, with 20 user preset slots, and even has an expression pedal for wah and volume effects.

Truly astonishing value.

Fender Mustang Floor - £228 In Our Online Store

Fender Mustang Floor

The Fender Mustang Range may well turn out to be one the great, Californian brand’s most successful ever amp ranges- and with good reason. They provide a comprehensive array of amp models (12 in total), taken from its ample back catalogue and from other classic amps, along with 36 effects, 100 presets and the ability to get ‘under the bonnet’ when editing these via Fender’s FUSE software.

They even operate as a simple USB audio interface, for computer-based recording. The Mustang Floor takes all of this, and packs it into a heavy-duty floor unit, with 9 footswitches, an expression pedal, and big, backlit display.

Boss ME-25

The Boss ME series has always been a favourite with guitarists. Why? Firstly, they’re built with the same sort of bombproof construction that the compact pedals are famed for.

Secondly, they offer the huge chunk of available Boss effects in a single guitar multi FX unit. Finally, and perhaps crucially, they are very easy to use.

The ME-25 is a current generation ME model, and at £145, is a bit of a steal…

Boss GT-100 Effects Processor

Boss GT-100

The GT-100 is Boss’s current flagship guitar multi FX unit. So, what does picking the unit at the top of the range get you? Well, just about everything, with a cherry on top.

The GT-100 is built on Roland’s current evolution of COSM modelling technology. This enables the unit to recreate the tone of classic vintage amps much more authentically. In addition, if you’re that way inclined, you can modify amp models, too.

There is an amazing range of effects and amp models at your disposal, with plenty of flexible routing options too. This is all packed into a tank-like unit, with eight footswitches, an expression pedal and eight pot controls.

The power contained in units such as this is often scuppered by a tricky user interface. Not here, however. Two displays, and the 8 pots make navigation a breeze. An EZ editing mode makes making speedy changes intuitive, and if you want, you can even switch the GT-100 to a pedal-board type mode. Nice.

It also operates as an audio interface- perfect for getting guitar parts into your DAW set-up.

Guitar Multi FX - TC Electronic Nova System

TC Electronic Nova System

TC Electronic guitar effects are regularly spotted in the back-line rigs of pro guitarists. The Nova provides a compact unit built on the technology used in its revered G-system.

Six effects blocks are pulled straight out of the G-system (compression, EQ and noise gate, modulation, delay, reverb, pitch), and placed into this robust, but compact unit, with eight footswitches.

There are 30 factory presets and 60 user presets in total, and the Nova’s control can be expanded via the optional G-Switch. For those guitarists who have an innate distrust of any overdrive or distortion that is digital, the Nova’s NDT circuit provides drive that is all analogue, but still programmable.