Part of the joy when buying a guitar is finding something a little bit special. Unfortunately, we don’t all have pockets deep enough to splash out on a custom shop or hand-built model. This is where Fender FSR or “Limited Edition” models come into their own.

What is a Fender/Squier FSR model?

The term “FSR” stands for Fender Special Run. The FSR tag covers models that are endowed with unique appointments at affordable prices. From exotic tonewood combinations to elaborate electronics configurations and unusual hardware setups, no idea is beyond the pale.

It used to be the case that FSR models were derived from collaborations between teams across Fender USA and Japan. But with Squier having the FSR treatment it has become a truly global party. Not only that but they’re more affordable than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique models on offer.

Image of a Fender Limited Edition 72 Telecaster Custom Bigsby electric guitar

Fender FSR ’72 Telecaster Custom Bigsby

The Fender FSR ’72 Telecaster Custom Bigsby is a flashback to the 1972 model offering features rarely seen on a Tele’. The solid alder body has the classic single-cutaway design we’ve all come to know and love. Coupled with a steady maple neck featuring a comfortable “C”-shape profile that feels substantial in the hand. The 21-fret maple fingerboard provides a smooth playground for your fingers to explore.

Fat and saturated mids flow forth from the Fender “Wide Range” humbucker in the neck position, whilst classic country licks shine thanks to the Classic Series’ single-coil Tele’ pickup in the bridge position. Between the two you have a plethora of tones at your disposal.

Executing seamless vibrato is a joy thanks to the Bigsby tailpiece. The flush connection between the strings and body promotes steadfast sustain. Thus, from subtle inflections to shimmering vibrato, the dynamics of your performance translate beautifully.

Image of a Fender FSR MIJ Traditional Midnight Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender FSR Made In Japan Traditional Midnight Stratocaster

The Fender FSR Made In Japan Traditional Midnight Stratocaster is the essence of cool with a sophisticated black body artwork with matching headstock. Built in Japan to exacting specs, the Midnight Strat’ comprises a lightweight basswood body and “U”-shaped maple neck. Complete with a luxurious rosewood fingerboard which enhances the broody aesthetic, whilst promoting a sublime tactile response.

A trio of Classic Strat’ pickups generate a versatile tonal palette to play with. So, whether you’re tackling smooth jazz licks, rapid fire rock riffs or laid-back funk, you have a universe of tones to explore. Gig-ready vintage-style tuning machines and a 6-saddle synchronized tremolo bridge await.

Each model includes a gig bag to encourage you to get out and performing immediately.

Image of a Fender FSR Limited Edition 70s Precision Bass guitar

Fender FSR ’70s Precision Bass Guitar

The Fender FSR ’70s Precision Bass Guitar is another subtle nod to a classic ’70s model with premium appointments abound. This includes the vintage-style bridge to the open-gear tuning machines.

The beautiful ash body is protected by gloss to enable the natural grain of the tonewood to shine, whilst the understated black pickguard complements the finish perfectly. This is complemented by a chunky ’70s “C”-profile maple neck to promote an enthusiastic playability. You can also race through licks with ease thanks to the bound maple fingerboard, which affords seamless transitions between frets.

The period-correct single-coil pickup makes the most of the tonewood combination and, thanks to the intuitive control, you can tailor and tweak your output from thick and meaty low-end funkiness to high and tight brightness.

A deluxe gig bag keeps your pride and joy safe and sound when you’re out and about.

Image of a Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster electric guitar

Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster

The Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster offers a tasty Tele’ for everyone from beginner to pro to enjoy. Offered in a range of three colours including Lake Placid Blue, Red Sparkle and Surf Green, the guitar punches well above its price point.

The lightweight alder body shapes to the classic single-cutaway body profile we’ve all come to know and love. This is complemented by a steady hardwood neck, which is treated to a polyurethane finish that enables you hand to move at lightning speed. The Indian laurel fingerboard is home to 21 frets that are begging to be explored so, from speedy country inspired hybrid picking to slow and smooth blues riffage, your fingers will settle into a natural groove.

A pair of standard Telecaster single-coil pickups offer a bountiful tonal banquet to feast on and the simple yet intuitive tone layout complements dynamic performers. If you’re new to the guitar then you’ll find your feet in no time at all.

Image of a Squier FSR Bullet Mustange HH electric guitar

Squier FSR Bullet Mustang HH

Finally, the Squier FSR Bullet Mustang HH is a budget-friendly, gig-ready and tonally flexible workhorse. The offset design has been a go-to for alternative and indie rockers including Kurt Cobain, John Frusciante and David Byrne.

If you’re looking to experiment with your sound then the tonal versatility makes this is great guitar choice. A pair of humbuckers generate everything from beefy and saturated to clean and crisp. So, whether you deftly pick out single-note melodies or lay down a thunderous wall of noise, the FSR Bullet Mustang makes it so much fun to do.

As you can see, the FSR range covers a wide breadth of models across both guitar and bass. So, whether you’re kicking off your guitar playing journey or are a seasoned pro, the value afforded by FSR models

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