PRS SE acoustic guitars include the gorgeous Angelus and Tonare series, are elegant instruments that are equipped to handle anything and everything.

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We’re familiar with PRS’ SE electric guitars, but what about their acoustics?

As soon as you lay your eyes on the PRS logo, you know you’re onto a winner. Their SE (Student Edition) electric guitars have long been a favourite of those who want a luxurious instrument without having to take out a small mortgage. PRS’ design team have taken that same approach with the PRS SE Acoustic Guitars Angelus and Tonare series.

By utilising the knowledge gained through years spent crafting high-end Private Stock models, PRS deliver guitars that are not only look and sound amazing but are thoroughly functional too. Whether you’re picking up the guitar for the first time or are a seasoned pro who is adding another to the collection, prepare to fall in love with these sublime works of art.

Quality craftsmanship

PRS acknowledge that “…the body shape of an acoustic affects its look, sound, and feel”, which influenced their decision to produce two shapes to choose from: Angelus Cutaway and Tonare Grand.

Both guitars feature sweeping curves with a cutaway on the Angelus for ready access to the highest frets. Whether you prefer to play with a pick or fingerstyle you’ll feel right at home.

Image of an acoustic guitar

All about that brace(-ing)…

Another thing to consider when crafting an excellent acoustic guitar is its bracing pattern. PRS SE Acoustics feature traditional “X” bracing or PRS’ unique hybrid “X”/Classical bracing, depending on the model – the clue is in the name, i.e. Angelus AX20E and Tonare TX20E have “X” bracing.

Typically, “X” bracing stabilises the soundboard whilst allowing it to vibrate and resonate freely for a lively energy. PRS Hybrid bracing combines “X” bracing at the soundhole with fan bracing across the belly of the top for greater freedom of movement, which in turns increases the instrument’s ability to project. Back bracing across Angelus and Tonare body shapes secures the back and sides firmly, laying the foundation for a secure feel in the hands and emphatic tones.

Sumptuous tonewoods

PRS are no strangers to exotic tonewood selection and they bestow only the finest across the SE Angelus and Tonare lines. Each model number features a corresponding wood, i.e. AX20 / TX20E is mahogany, A40E / T40E is ovangkol, A50E / T50E is maple. All models feature solid Sitka spruce tops, which is the tonewood of choice for many high-end acoustics due to its imperious resonant qualities. Each guitar’s timbre is deftly cultivated by the combination of body shape, bracing style, and wood selection. Every guitar boasts its own idiosyncratic tonal flavours, so we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted one of each just to be sure.

Image of an acoustic guitar

Only the best will do

It isn’t just the wood that is carefully considered. All appointments contribute to the guitar’s ability to perform at an optimum standard. With this in mind, bone nuts and saddles reside on every model across the PRS SE acoustic range to encourage the string’s ability to vibrate unimpeded. Running your hand up and down the sturdy mahogany neck is to experience pure joy, whilst the ebony fingerboard affords a heavenly tactility for the fingertips. Low action and a lightning fast feel make for an effortless playability that will have you soaring through licks and riffs carefree.

Taking to the stage

So, not only do the Angelus and Tonare guitars sing beautifully with an acoustic timbre that is the stuff of dreams, but they are also home to the Fishman GT1 electronics system. Comprising an undersaddle pickup and soundhole-mounted preamp, volume and tone controls are within easy reach. Intimate settings can remain intimate and the prospect of taking to the larger stage needn’t fill you with dread. Thanks to the Fishman GT1 system you can plug in and play whenever and wherever you like.

Oh, and did we mention that every guitar ships with a PRS hardshell case to keep your pride and joy safe from harm at home and on the go.

Image of an acoustic guitar

Limited edition luxury

As well as the outstanding AX20, A40E and A50E models in the Angelus family, there’s a pair of limited-edition models for the taking: AE270E Figured Koa and AE265E Pau Ferro. Built to the same exceedingly high standards of quality we’d expect from PRS, spellbinding finishing touches include tiger acrylic binding and abalone purfling, not forgetting PRS distinctive Birds position inlay pattern. These beauties come with PRS hardshell cases too.

I know right?!

In a nutshell

PRS SE Acoustic Guitars Angelus and Tonare acoustic guitars are everything you could hope for and yet so much more. Immaculate design, masterful execution, exquisite materials, bags of acoustic character with the ability to amplify and a hardshell case for good measure. Ten out of ten from PRS. 

Here’s Tom to show us how it’s done

If you’ve got any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service team on 01925 582420. Our in-store specialists will guide you through the wonderful world of guitars, just pop into your nearest Dawsons store.