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Focusrite Audio Interface Range Expands Again

Focusrite Audio Interface Range Expands Again

Focusrite Audio Interface - Scarlett 18i20

The Focusrite audio interface range has a new addition – the Scarlett 18i20

Those industrious pro-audio folk in High Wycombe have clearly been very busy, as another Focusrite audio interface has been revealed ahead of the NAMM 2013 show. The Scarlett 18i20 is a 19-inch rack-mountable, USB 2.0 interface- its format revealing much about who this interface is aimed at.

The unit features a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs, which, combined with 6 the 19”-rack size, makes it an ideal unit for home or pro studios. If you need to record a lot of tracks simultaneously, this Focusrite audio interface has it covered. Plus, unlike its sibling, the Saffire Pro 40, you don’t need a firewire port to use it.

Focusrite Audio Interface - Scarlett 18i20

Eighteen inputs and twenty outputs

The 18i20 is very well equipped in terms of inputs. In total, it features 8 XLR-Jack combo sockets, that can be used as either microphone or line inputs, with two also switch-able to instrument level inputs.

Focusrite mic pre-amps are renowned worldwide, providing transparent, detailed audio with exceptional dynamic range and low distortion.

In addition to the analogue inputs, the 18i20 is equipped with an SPDIF digital input, which provides two channels of input, and an ADAT light pipe input, which can potentially provide another eight channels via an additional preamp unit such as the Octopre.

The Scarlett 18i20 is equipped for all but the biggest studio recordings.

Recording a singer-guitarist? Mic the guitar with a couple of condenser mics (the unit, of course, has phantom power), and set up another for his vocal- all can be recorded to separate channels.

Recording a drum-kit? With this Focusrite audio interface, you can fully mic up every drum, and record them separate tracks for mixing later.

The Scarlett 18i20 is also fitted with a MIDI input and MIDI output. If you have outboard synths, you can have them hooked up via MIDI, and plugged into separate inputs, too.

Focusrite Audio Interface - Scarlett 18i20

All of this power would be nothing without control. Thankfully, Focusrite’s excellent MixControl software is included, which provides the tools to set up sixteen different mixes and save them as presets, plus the ability to easily route any input or output to just about anywhere else.

If all of this were not enough to have you clearing a space in your studio, then let me continue… The Scarlett 18i20 features premium A-D /D-A conversion, with JetPLL jitter reduction. So, your recordings will be reproduced with all of the natural detail and nuance, at rates up 96kHz, in 24-bit.


Focusrite Audio Interface - Scarlett 18i20

Plus, the unit is compatible with iOS, so hooking it up to an iPad won’t be a problem, via the Apple camera connection kit.

Will this Focusrite audio interface be the device to make the iPad a truly serious proposition for the mobile producer and engineer? With its armoury of I/O, and a current price of £399.99 (correct as of 14/1/12), quite possibly…

Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 Interface – Compatible with Mac, PC and iOS (via camera connection kit)
  • 18 inputs and 20 outputs – equipped for all but the biggest recording tasks
  • 8 Focusrite Mic pre-amps – eight award winning mic inputs provide transparent, detailed audio with huge dynamic range
  • Premium audio quality – up to 96kHz 24-bit, with JettPLL jitter reduction technology
  • Huge bundle of software – Scarlett plug-in suite, Ableton live lite, Bass Station, MixControl and 1Gb of free samples

Buy the Scarlett 18i20 in our online Store here. For more advice, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420)

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