Image of an audio interface

Gotta Catch Em All

Plugins, plugins, plugins. We all love a plugin that makes our life easier, or our music sound amazing. We also all love a freebie…

With this in mind, Focusrite have devised a scheme called The Plug-In Collective, which allows users of their range of interfaces to download a free and really cool plugin every single month. To get your free plugin, simply register your Focusrite product or log in to your account, and you’ll be greeted with this month’s offer. Between now and 30/06/2017 for example, the NUGEN Audio Steorizer Elements plugin< (usually worth $49 USD) is downloadable for free. Check back every month for something cool to expand your arsenal!

Wait, What’s A Plugin Again?

For those of you that are new to home recording, and have no idea about plugins, let us explain.

Plugins, simply put, can be considered an upgrade for your Digital Audio workstation. Adding plugins enhance audio-related functionality within your software and offer tools that you’d traditionally need a full studio to house. As an example, take a guitar amp plugin like the BIAS Amp LE. This will give you a range of amp models and presets, so you can experiment with new and interesting guitar sounds. Missing that distortion from your live setup? There’s a setting for that.

There are also tonnes of plugins that offer compression or even synthesizers, to really broaden your sound. We’re talking about Focusrite today, but other audio interfaces are compatible with different types of plugins too. Native Instruments’ Komplete collection being a key player in terms of what they offer for electronic music producers.

Ok what do I need to opt in?

Focusrite are one of the industry leaders in audio interfaces, so whether you’re a newbie or a studio veteran, they have an interface for you.

Our recommendation in terms of price, quality and overall usability is the Scarlett 2i2.

The 2i2 is the world’s best selling audio interface and is fully compatible with the aforementioned plug ins. Perfect for singer songwriters, it provides natural-sounding mic preamp and it’s truly portable. Connect by USB to your Mac or PC, plug your mics and guitars straight in, and simply start recording.

We wrote a comprehensive blog about their range a few months back, so if you want to get the full low down, check it out here