Focusrite Plug-in Collective: You Need To Get On This

Focusrite Plug-in Collective: You Need To Get On This

24th Jun 2020 @ 12:57 | Jon Whittaker

Expand your creative arsenal without spending a penny more...

When it comes to creating music there are generally two schools of thought: limit the tools at your disposal or go all out and utilise everything ever invented.

When you keep your resources sparse and stick within defined limitations then you push your brain to make connections that might be unorthodox to get the sounds that you want. Also, less is more as they say.

On the other hand, accumulate all the plug-ins, VSTs, software that you can, and set about putting your computer's processing power to the test. Rather than straining to create a perceived sound you can simply trawl through your library and find what you need.

They are both valid viewpoints. One is a more cost-effective option and encourages oneself to think outside the box to achieve results. The other can be just as effective in achieving the desired result but can result in a pitiful bank balance. Plus, trying out new things is just fun, right?

So, what's the Plug-in Collective all about?

Addressing the need (and it is a need) of those who crave new things to experiment, create, and play with, Focusrite use their clout, know-how, and partnerships with some of the finest designers in the world to bring FREE plug-ins to those who've made the sensible choice and purchased a piece of Focusrite kit.

To borrow the info from the Focusrite website:

Plug-in Collective is a community hub that brings you, Focusrite and the most innovative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential, and Plug-in Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins.

To join Plug-in Collective, simply register any Focusrite hardware product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months. No one else works with software manufacturers like we do to bring you inspirational tools for your next production.

Something for everyone then...

So, if you're someone from column B who is interested in acquiring every plug-in going then you're sorted. If you're not, think of this as a fantastic way to try out plug-ins to separate the wheat from the chaff, allowing you to hone your setup to perfection.

Focusrite Plug-in Collective Partners

When you look at the list of brands Focusrite have linked up with, you're left scratching your head as to how they managed to turn out these offerings for FREE:

  • accusonus
  • D16 group
  • Sugar Bytes
  • zplane
  • AAS
  • CloudBounce
  • Positive Grid
  • iZotope
  • fabfilter
  • Eventide
  • Exponential Audio
  • FLUX
  • Sound Radix
  • AudioThing
  • Nugen Audio

What's on offer at the moment?

Pull your finger out and make a purchase soon (or if you've already made the right choice), then between 12th March to 7th May, members of Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective community can download Mastering The Mix’s powerful IGNITE effect and an exclusive six-month trial version of the BASSROOM mastering EQ for free.


IGNITE is a dynamic harmonic distortion effect that brings level- and frequency-responsive grit, textural character and stereo enhancement to any instrumental or vocal source. Target specific frequencies for distortion, adjust the input signal threshold level above which it’s applied, shape the two-stage response envelope, and set IGNITE to work on the left/right, mid or side signals. It’s everything you need to make any sound seem louder and more present in the mix.

Key Features:

  • Dial-in anything from subtle saturation to full-on decimation.
  • Target a specific frequency range with high-quality all-pass filters.
  • Apply saturation dynamically with threshold and envelope controls.
  • Stereo and mid/side processing options.
  • Rich visual feedback aids in setting filters and threshold.


BASSROOM’s brilliant 3D interface and genre-specific EQ target suggestions – based on real-time analysis of your mixes – make productive manipulation of low frequencies almost effortless. Through the flawlessly transparent processing of five carefully calibrated frequency bands, it lets you achieve the perfect blend of punchy low-mids and defined lows that’s key to a natural-sounding master.

Key Features:

  • Immersive resizable 3D interface.
  • Unique filter design delivers unrivalled transparency.
  • Genre-specific EQ targets get great results in seconds.
  • Import reference tracks to make your own EQ targets.
  • Level match pointer on output gain control.

How to claim your treasured plug-in?

Plug-in Collective members can download these two amazing plug-ins for free from their Focusrite account, from 12th March to 7th May.

For those who haven't yet purchased their Focusrite interface...

There's no need to be ashamed, nobody is perfect. But you can get one step closer by rectifying the situation, redeem yourself, and grab a Focusrite interface from the Dawsons website now!

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