Focusrite Tape

The new Focusrite Tape app provides one of the most intuitive, elegant ways to record on an iPad, for free…

In the past few years, the iPad has been fully embraced by the music world. No longer just a means of checking e-mails, surfing the net and playing angry birds, Apple’s tablet is now a fully fledged recording workstation, synth, MIDI controller, guitar amp and effects rig, and much more, thanks to the efforts of software developers.

Focusrite has ramped up its iOS development in a very big way of late. Most recently, the Launchpad app and Launchkey app were, er… launched. In addition, its most recent audio interfaces have been iOS compatible, from the mighty Scarlett 18i20, to the compact iTrack Solo.

Now, the UK brand has further cemented its position as an iOS developer with the new Focusrite Tape app…

Easy operation and core audio compliant interface support

Focusrite Tape

One of musicians’ biggest bugbears with recording technology is that its complexity can become a bit of an obstacle, and put the brakes on creative flow as a result. This is exactly where Focusrite Tape steps up.

The iPad’s multi-touch screen is undoubtedly its biggest strength. This has allowed developers with a true ‘blank canvas’ both visually and in terms of user interface.

Focusrite has exploited this fully, basing its new app on that most intuitive means of recording sound: the tape recorder.

screen480x480 (1)

Beneath the ‘vintage appearance’, the Tape app allows users to record a single stereo track or two separated mono tracks. This can be via the iPad’s built-in audio hardware, or via a compatible interface (such as the iTrack Solo).

Input metering makes setting input levels a breeze, whilst input monitoring means that you can hear what you’re recording perfectly.

Focusrite iTrack Solo

Add in some mastering effects, a metronome and the ability to publish to Soundcloud (account required), and you have one of the most intuitive musical ‘sketchpads’ available for iPad.

And the price for all this? Nada. Nothing. Gratis. Free. Bargain of the year? Maybe. Just add a compatible Focusrite interface

Focusrite Tape is available in the App Store now.