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Rend Collective Experiment Have Topped US iTunes CCM Chart

Two former Dawsons employees have topped the US iTunes CCM chart with their band, Rend Collective Experiment

Here at Dawsons, we know our team are a fairly illustrious bunch. In recent years we’ve had members of staff who’ve worked with the likes of Ray Charles and Tom Jones, worked on big budget movies, and countless other impressive musical achievements. They’re a very modest bunch, though, and don’t like to brag… 😉

Two former Dawsons Bangor Employees have scored a first in this esteemed company, however. The latest album by Patrick Thompson and Gareth Gilkeson’s band, Rend Collective Experiment, has topped the US iTunes CCM chart!

Rend Collective Experiment Have Topped US iTunes CCM Chart

Now touring in the UK

Though CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) may seem relatively niche, in the US it is a very big concern. In the UK, typical pre-conceptions of this musical form are usually way off the mark.

Forget the ‘happy, clappy’ styles you might have imagined- Rend Collective Experiment have far more in common with the likes of Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers, and other bands from the modern, new wave of folk.

Rend Collective Experiment have been building a fanbase on the other side of the Atlantic for some time. It’s fair to say that they have America’s attention…

Rend Collective Experiment Have Topped US iTunes CCM Chart

The album that has reached the no.1 spot, Campfire, is the band’s third. Somewhat unusually, the album was recorded live around a campfire, on an Irish beach. This ‘organic’ setting adds even more to the music’s folk leanings. The result is an truly great recording.

The album is available now via iTunes, with tickets still available for the UK tour, underway right now.

If you’re a fan of the modern, folk rock-pop that’s huge at the moment, check them out.

And, to Patrick, Gareth and the rest of Rend Collective – well-done folks! You’ve done us proud 😉

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