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Frank Turner Guitar Smash

Frank Turner Guitar Smash

Frank Turner Guitar Smash

Luthier Doug Abraham saves THE Frank Turner guitar from a horror accident in Ohio…

Would there be anything more terrifying than watching your prized guitar endure some horrific smash? How about if you were in the midst of an intense US tour? Plus, this is your highly limited edition signature guitar, of which only 25 exist in the world, and you only have two of your own?

This was the fate that befell Frank Turner’s guitar earlier this month. Whilst gigging in Ohio, Frank’s Farida J-FT signature model had the kind of accident that would see most guitars fit for nothing but the bin.

Thankfully, luthier Doug Abraham was on standby with life support…

Frank Turner Guitar Smash

Soundboard ‘hanging off’

When Frank’s guitar was returned, Farida brand manager, Sam Salisbury flipped open the case, and with a sharp intake of breath and pained expression, prepared to deliver the news that there was nothing that could be done to save this guitar to its owner.

Frank Turner Guitar Repaired

Sam described the guitar as being ‘destroyed’ when he received it, and said the soundboard was ‘hanging off’. For those not quite so well versed in the different parts of a guitar, the soundboard is the top of a guitar, that encompasses the sound-hole, and is so-called because it is the ‘board, that produces the ‘sound’ (complicated, eh?)

Frank Turner Guitar Smash - Repaired

Clearly, damage to the soundboard of an acoustic guitar is usually pretty terminal, and Sam was ready to read Frank Turner’s guitar its last rites…

Luthier, Doug Abraham, had different ideas, however.

Doug has been involved with Farida for some time now (he was behind the T-Bucker circuit used on the excellent Wombats CT-20 guitar). Sam let Doug cast physician-like eye over Frank’s broken guitar, and Doug said he thought it could be saved.

Frank Turner Guitar Smash - Repaired

Somewhat miraculously, Doug has pieced the guitar back together in manner that would put the world’s finest cosmetic surgeons to shame.

Sam managed to get some shots of the guitar before sending it out to be reunited with its owner. Doug’s work is really remarkable.

Aside from Doug’s miracle-repair, it’s a real pleasure to see this guitar up close. Frank has a reputation as one of the hardest working and committed performers anywhere in the world, and his guitar really reflects that. There’s no signs of ‘molly-coddling’ here- this is a guitar that has been gigged a lot and gigged hard.

Frank Turner Guitar Smash - Repaired

According to Doug, it sounds incredible as a result. Solid tonewoods always sound better with age, especially if they’re being played a lot and subject to vibration. Frank Turner’s guitar has clearly been the subject of an accelerated, er… ‘maturation’ programme.

It still looks great, though.

Sadly, the Frank Turner Farida model is no longer available, but there are a number of new Artist Designed models available now, and coming soon, most recently the Freddie Cowan model (Pro Model also available here), and two Bombay Bicycle Club models.

For more information about any current Farida artist designed guitars, call our customer service team (01925 582420).

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