The UK’s favourite folk troubadour makes waves in the US – Frank Turner on The Letterman Show

Frank Turner On The Letterman Show

There are some things that really act as an indicator that you’ve truly made it as a musician (and I’m not talking about big houses and flash cars here).

For instance, it could be playing a huge gig at Wembley Arena. Or, it could be being selected as the opening musical act at the opening ceremony for the Olympics in your home country. It might even be having a signature guitar, made to your own design.

Farida endorsee, Frank Turner has done all of these things in the last 18 months, and this week just added another landmark- an appearance on the Letterman show.
Frank Turner On The Letterman Show

Breaking the US…?

The mythical achievement of ‘breaking the US’ is always something of an albatross around the neck of many musicians, with so much expectation placed on them to do it that it becomes too much of a burden.

Frank Turner, on the other hand seems to deal with it in the same way he’s dealt with everything in his career: he just picks up his guitar and gets on with it.

Currently on tour with The Architects and Beans On Toast, his touring schedule has the sort of relentless pace we’ve come to expect over on this side of the Atlantic.

Frank Turner On The Letterman Show

Somehow, he managed to squeeze in an appearance on the US institution that is The Letterman Show, however. The guitar he chose to play when making this monumental appearance? His Farida Artist Designed J-FT, of course- it sounded great, too.

There’s been much speculation that 2013 will be ‘his year’, and with a critically acclaimed album, sell-out tour and Letterman appearance already in the bag, the prediction seems likely to come to fruition.

Frank Turner On The Letterman Show

But, as any fan will tell you, there’s no one who works harder at his own music, and no one who repays his fans’ investment in them so wholeheartedly. Good on ya’, Frank!

For those on the colder/ wetter side of the Atlantic, here’s Frank Turner on The Letterman show, for your enjoyment.

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