Farida Frank Turner J-FT Acoustic Guitar

The Farida J-FT Frank Turner guitar has already won a lot of fans, but none more so than the man himself…

The Farida J-FT Frank Turner signature acoustic guitar caused something of a ‘stampede’ of interest when it was announced a few months ago. A jumbo cutaway acoustic, this guitar was a collaborative project between the luthiers at Farida, and Frank himself. After ideas were passed between the two, a final design was settled upon, and built.

Constructed with a solid spruce top, and solid rosewood back and sides, the Farida J-FT fits Frank’s preference for acoustic guitars with a full, big tone. Unusually for an acoustic guitar, perhaps, the guitar is equipped with a hard maple neck. This is finished with a more traditional rosewood fingerboard, however, with the Frank Turner logo printed onto the headstock.

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

This stunning instrument would be a very desirable object in its own right, but with Frank’s input, married to the fact that this is limited to a production of just 25 instruments, this has become a very special instrument indeed, particularly to fans…

Farida J-FT Frank Turner Signature Guitar

As you may know, Frank Turner has a reputation for being ‘The Hardest Working Man in Rock ‘n’ Roll’ (and a glance at his touring schedule is often all that is needed to confirm this…), so we were more than pleased that he managed to find the time to answer a few questions about his music, influences, and how the Farida J-FT came into being. So, for your viewing pleasure, the video of the interview is posted below. If you would like to own one of these stunning guitars, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) or order online today. Less than half of the original 25 are now available, but individual serial numbers can be specified from those available if required.

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