The Vaccines’ Guitarist, Freddie Cowan, demonstrates the main riffs from ‘Bad Mood’ on his new Farida

Freddie Cowan - Farida GNA TV

Farida’s roster of artists are a pretty eclectic bunch, ranging from bona fide, rock legends with decades of hits behind them, to the most exciting artists working in music right now, and everything between.

If there’s one word that seems to unite them, however, it’s ‘workaholic’. The Vaccines’ Freddie Cowan is exemplifies this.

Fresh from playing a tremendous set at Glastonbury (which was voted one of the top 5 performances by NME readers), and closing the festival with Mumford & Sons, he’s been back on the road with a tour that seems to have traversed the globe continuously since album ‘Come Of Age’ was released last September.

He’s also designed his Farida GNA TV signature guitar in this period, too. Now, it seems, he’s also managed to squeeze a guitar lesson in, courtesy of Roland…

Very good news….

In a video produced for Roland’s Youtube channel, Freddie teaches viewers how to play the band’s single, ‘Bad Mood’.

As we find out, he used a few Boss effects to get the tones he needed whilst writing and recording the track (notably an ME-70 multi FX unit).

Freddie’s guitar part steps through several different tones throughout, ranging from moderate drive, through to pretty heavy fuzz, taking in a bit of chorus and tremolo along the way.

Freddie Cowan Lesson - Roland Cube 40GX

The new Roland Cube 40GX seems more than up to the job of producing this range of tones however. This 40-watt amp builds on the considerable array of features of its predecessors, with cutting edge amp models effects, and now, easy iPad and iPhone integration.

The guitar providing the tone is, of course, the new Freddie Cowan designed Farida GNA TV.

Farida Artists - Freddie Cowan - Farida GNA TV

This stunning guitar was put together to the guitarist’s exacting spec. A Seymour Duncan pickup and Bigsby equipped pro version is available at £899, and a fixed bridge Deluxe version, with Farida pickups at a more affordable £399. The guitars are identical in every other way (click through the appropriate image above for more info about each).

Freddie Cowan - Farida GNA TV Pro

Each guitar will be limited to no more than 25 units worldwide. If you would like to bag one of these stunning, limited edition guitars, order online or call our customer service team (01925 582420).