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21 of the best songs to get your weekend started

There’s simply no other day like it. Friday. That wonderful day where we don’t really mind heading in to work because the weekend is a mere 8-ish hours away. It’s come down to the last hour of the day – all your documents are saved, you’ve cleaned your office tea mug and you’re about to make that commute home, ready for the weekend to hit us like a glorious 80s style chorus key change – refreshing and uplifting! Speaking of key changes, it’s the music we listen to of an evening that really gets us in the mood for Friday!

With that in mind, we asked our social media followers to tell us which songs really helped get that Friday Feeling going, the songs that make that walk out of the office so much better, the songs that make the pains of Dave in accounts chewing your ear off about his plans to change his broadband provider this week all fade away. I digress… Naturally, a great deal of them were rock orientated, with some absolute classics thrown in, so enjoy these guitar drenched songs and kick-start your weekend in style!

‘Kickstart My Heart’ – Mötley Crüe

We challenge anyone to not feel awesome when Mick Mars’ riff kicks in and Tommy Lee’s “choo choo train” style snare carries us out the door. The train’s late? Oh never mind, Tommy’s driving so we don’t care!

’Pour Some Sugar On Me’ – Def Leppard

Quite possibly one of the best rock songs ever created with a triumphant chorus that comes out of nowhere! Try not to air guitar on the bus. Actually… go for it!

’My Sharona’ – The Knack

A killer drum intro followed by an epic bassline backed up by an even better chorus line, oh wait – that solo too! This song is just the gift that keeps on giving and a perfect opener to your weekend!

‘Just A Day’ – Feeder

Quite possibly one of the most uplifting songs ever created, ‘Just A Day’ is made even better by this amazing video that featured a bunch of fans creating their own music video for the song. Beautiful!

’Still Of The Night’ – Whitesnake

The combination of David Coverdale and John Sykes here makes for an absolutely amazing song. It’s all about that drop down at 3:19 where Sykes plays the bowed guitar. Strutting out of the office never felt so powerful.

’Dancing On The Ceiling’ – Lionel Ritchie

Not strictly rock, admittedly but no matter how bad your week at work has been, you can’t help but feel amazing when this kicks in. It’s OK, the weekend is here and Lionel is going to make it all better. Keytars and 80s guitar solos – YES!

’Teenage Kicks’ – The Undertones

The late John Peel made no secrets that this was his favourite song of all time – and what a song it is! Triumphant, optimistic and above all rockin’.

’Friday On My Mind’ – Gary Moore

A just for fun cover of an Easybeats song, Gary Moore’s version rocks pretty hard, especially when he throws in some outrageous solos in towards the end.

’Friday Night’ – The Darkness

Just because you voted for it!

’Caffeine Bomb’ – The Wildhearts

You’ve got through the week with caffeine helping you along like the little legend it is. Chances are this song (and one more coffee) will get you through the last hour of the day!

’She Sells Sanctuary’ – The Cult

There’s something about a Gretsch hollowbody guitar, a phaser pedal and a whole lot of distortion that just sounds right! When this song kicks in you can say everything just feels better!

’Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ – Oasis

It’s Friday and everyone should feel like a rock star! Tonight, you’re rock ‘n’ roll star! “We live our lives in the city and there’s no easy way out” – especially when Keith from IT is blocking your car in…

‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ – Thin Lizzy

Hitting the town this weekend? Let this song get you pumped!

‘Jump’ – Van Halen

Go ahead and jump into that weekend! It’s Friday!

’Hold The Line’ – Toto

A killer chorus, big riffs and some serious Les Paul action. What’s not to love? Yes that’s a double neck Stratocaster/Bass combo…

’More Than A Feeling’ – Boston

Not only was this band responsible for one of the most uplifting chorus lines ever recorded, but it was also responsible for introducing us to drummer Sib Hashian’s hair – it’s as epic as the song itself. What a legend. Gibson SG guitars coupled with Les Paul guitars are also a recipe for success.

’Friday I’m In Love’ – The Cure

Robert Smith described this song as a “a throw your hands in the air, let’s get happy kind of record” and we couldn’t agree more. Let’s get happy it’s Friday and we’re all in love!

’Rocks Off’ – The Rolling Stones

One of our social media followers sent this in as their favourite Friday Feeling song, and we couldn’t agree more. A great tune that is happy, uplifting and totally rocking!

’Can’t Stop’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Just like the excitement for the impending weekend, this song build and builds until a killer chorus kicks in. That Frusciante guitar sound is jarring and melodic at the same time.

‘Let’s Dance’ – David Bowie

Since David Bowie’s passing the world became a slightly darker place. Fortunately his music is still here to keep us happy and get us in the mood for weekend. ‘Let’s Dance’ really gets that Friday feeling going!

’Escape (The Piña Colada Song)’ – Rupert Holmes

Had a rough week? Need a relaxing weekend? Well, let Rupert Holmes help you slide into this weekend and enjoy it! You’ve worked hard and you’ve got a couple of days to do whatever the hell you want! Enjoy…