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Gadget Show ‘s Jason Bradbury Tests DTX400 Kit

Gadget Show ‘s Jason Bradbury Tests DTX400 Kit

Gadget Show - Yamaha DTX400K

Gadget Show Guru, Jason Bradbury, gets his hands on the Yamaha DTX400 kit, and seems mightily impressed…

The Gadget Show ‘s interest in music related technology seems to grow every year. The show has screened Music Technology specials, and showcases a wide variety of gear, from instruments, to DJ gear and recording equipment. This reflects both how much music technology product there is available now, and how accessible it is to just about everyone.

Jason Bradbury has become the recognisable face of all things ‘gadge’, and has put his stamp of approval on a wide variety of music related products. The latest of these, however, is the Yamaha DTX400 drum kit. Jason caught up with in-demand session player Emily Dolan-Davies to find out about Yamaha’s new beginner kit.

Yamaha DTX400

Yamaha quality at less than £400

Emily, who has been touring with Cher Lloyd and Bryan Ferry of late, puts this new Yamaha kit through its paces, before handing over to the Gadget Show main man to show his skills. The DTX400 is pitched as the perfect beginner drum-kit. A five-piece arrangement, its onboard sounds are sampled from Yamaha’s own acoustic drum kits.

Ten preset kits are included, which can be overwritten with kits of your own, derived from the 169 on-board sounds. Alongside this, the drum module has ten onboard training features, complete with voice guidance, and ten songs to play along with, for enjoyable and constructive practice.

Yamaha DTX400 Module

This is all built to Yamaha’s impeccable standards, so is sure to withstand a life of battering, whether that is from the UK’s greatest drummer in waiting, or a very enthusiastic Gadget Show presenter…

Remarkably, this kit is priced at just £399 (updated 22/06/14) which, combined with the features and that all-important headphone output, makes this a really great buy for anyone who would like to learn how to play the drums.

The Yamaha DTX400 kit is in stock at Dawsons now. Call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or order online today.

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