Gibson 2019 Range

New year, new Gibson 2019 line up

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Gibson has announced its new range of electric and acoustic guitars for 2019. The new roster features updated versions of all the old favourites, with no huge surprises, but when the guitars are this good they stand pretty strongly on their own.

Notable new models include a new Gibson SG ’61, with a nice vintage vibe going on for that familiar marque. A set of new finishes, including the eye-catching Blueberry Burst, are sure to catch the eye too. And the return of the Flying V – in two flavours, no less – is a welcome one too.

Let’s take a look at these guitars and some of the other highlights from the Gibson 2019 range.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019

The flagship Gibson Les Paul Standard returns, as you’d expect, only this time is a little more understated. Whereas the recent past has seen Gibson offering Standards in all manner of specifications, finishes, and variations, this year you’re getting only two different finishes. However, take a look at that glorious Blueberry Burst finish and tell me it’s not breathtaking.

The spec is as high as you’d hope for, with a mahogany body and AAA-grade maple top giving the perfect combination of aesthetic style and tonal heft. Two Burstbucker pickups and a slim taper neck will make this a dream to play, and the included hard case means you’re not going to dent that amazing finish any time soon.

Gibson 2019 Les Paul Studios

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2019

The 2019 Gibson Les Paul Studios follow the same path as 2018 in offering the classic Les Paul vibe in, what we’d call, non-standard finishes. Gone are the days of the iconic Cherry (with gold hardware) models; this year we get two new finishes instead, namely BBQ Burst and Tangerine Burst.

Spec-wise, the Studio still offers that perfect Les Paul playing experience, and all of the tones you’d expect. The usual mahogany body and neck combination are back, along with a set of meaty 490R and 498T pickups.

Gibson 2019 Les Paul Classic

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2019

The 2018 version of the Gibson Les Paul Classic was a unique one, in that it brought a set of P90 pickups, and did away with weight relief. This year, the Gibson Les Paul Classic 2019 goes in the opposite direction, reverting back to a set a natty zebra Burstbucker ‘pups and 9-hole weight relief.

This is also the only standard-run version where you’ll get a Goldtop finish, which readers of the blog will know make this particular author go a bit weak at the knees too…

Gibson Flying V 2019

Gibson Flying V 2019

Ah, welcome back old friend. The inner 14-year-old in me is delighted to see a couple of new V’s back in the Gibson 2019 range. The Gibson Flying V 2019 is of particular interest here. As someone who started playing in the late 90s, an obvious route to start on was one of the old Epiphone Korina V’s, with their understated natural wood finish.

Here, we get a proper Gibson Flying V in that same natural wood finish, and it is a sight to behold. As well as that though, there’s also the more metal-friendly Gibson Flying V Tribute, with a pair of Dirty Fingers pickups present to push those valves even further into filthy overdrive. Neat looking all-black finish too.

Gibson SG Standard '61

Gibson SG Standard ’61

Pick of the new SG line-up is the Gibson SG Standard ’61. Gibson has played it safe with the new regular SG Standards, coming in Black and Faded Cherry finishes, as you’d expect. But the ’61 is geared towards a more vintage era fan and has the tools players of more classic styles will want.

A pair of Burstbucker 61 pickups, designed especially for this range, will take your sounds into much richer, earthier territory than a regular standard, while the Vintage Deluxe tuners really embellish that classic look.

Gibson ES-335 Dot 2019

Gibson ES-335 Dot 2019

Next we have the Gibson ES-335 Dot, which offers a great alternative to some of the more wallet-obliterating semi-acoustics in the 2019 range.

Two finishes are on offer; the iconic Antique Faded Red, along with a smart looking Graphite Metallic, both of which contrast nicely with the cream binding. A rounded-C neck makes it perfect for chord work, while the 57 Classic humbuckers – in conjunction with the maple centre block – will give you access to some frankly amazing tones.

Gibson J45 Walnut Avant Garde

Gibson J-45 Walnut Avant-Garde

Rounding off the list is our pick of the new acoustic models, the Gibson J-45 Walnut Avant-Garde. A Walnut and Sitka Spruce tonewood combo will give you a perfect balance of low-to-mid range weight, with the spruce delivering a toppy brightness which will suit finger-pickers down to the ground.

Visit the full Gibson 2019 range on the Dawsons website.