Gibson G-45 Standard & Studio Generation model acoustic guitars offer finest appointments across classic and contemporary features.

Hand-built craftsmanship at affordable prices

2019 has already been a big year for the team at Gibson with heritage models aplenty for those vintage lovers. However, with the Generation G-45 Standard and G-45 Studio acoustic guitars they’re bringing something new to the table. Hand-built in their Bozeman, Montana factory by the same team responsible for putting together coveted J-200 models and J-45, the G-45 offers Gibson luxury without the hefty price tag.

What makes the G-45 so good?

Image of a Gibson G-45 Studio Acoustic Guitar

Let’s begin with why you need a G-45 in your life. For a start both the Standard and the slightly less costly Studio are both built using time-tested Gibson build techniques. With several decades of round shoulder dreadnought design behind them, you can rest assured that Gibson know what they’re doing.

Employing solid tonewoods across the body with walnut back and sides paired with Sitka spruce top, the timbre is breath-taking and the feel robust. As well as incorporating classic appointments such as hide-glued dovetail neck joints and domed top bracing for supple support to generate magnificent resonance, the G-45 benefits from contemporary features such as a slimmer body depth, which maximises playing comfort for both newcomers and seasoned pros alike.

By shaping the necks to Advanced Response profiles, the fretting hand can glide along unimpeded for a joyous playing experience. Adopting a somewhat flatter 16-inch fingerboard radius, everything from elaborate chord shapes to two-hand tapping is equally accommodated.

G-45 Standard highlight

Image of a Gibson G-45 Standard Acoustic Guitar

As the Standard costs a bit more, what can you expect to get for your money?

Well, there are subtle features such as soft diamond inlays rather that dots across the fingerboard. However, the addition of nitrocellulose lacquer finish with high-gloss top and satin back and sides enhances the visual aesthetic whilst elevating protection against wear over time.

Gibson J-45 Studio in focus

Lauren Ruth Ward puts the Gibson G-45 Studio through its paces in the video below.

Lefty’s aren’t left out

A question that is often floated by Gibson aficionados is ‘will there be a left-handed version of said model’? Thankfully, Gibson anticipated the outcry and provide left-handed models of both the G-45 Standard and the G-45 Studio so that no player is left out in the cold.

Fishman Sonitone electronics

Every model across the Gibson Generation G-45 range boasts a Fishman Sonitone pickup, which translates the timbre of the tonewoods in glorious fashion. Thanks to discretely placed soundhole mounted controls for volume and tone, you can make subtle adjustments with ease whilst your gigging.

Included Accessories

As if the G-45 models weren’t already impressive, they all come with a G-Series hardshell case so that you can get your new pride and joy from A to B in style. Not only that, but you’ll also get yourself a Gibson Accessory Kit to help keep everything in pristine condition.

Get in touch

For hand-built craftsmanship from the Gibson Montana team, head to the Dawsons website to get your order in for your Gibson Generation G-45 model now.

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