The Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited is here, celebrating 60 years of an icon

The Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited has been unveiled, to celebrate 60 years of one the World’s most recognisable guitars. After 6 decades at the very top, a celebratory model is entirely expected. Modelled on the first ‘52 Les Paul Gold Top models, co-designed by the late, legendary Lester Polsfuss (Les Paul), the Anniversary limited offers all of the character and features of the original, at a more attainable price than the rare-as-hens-teeth vintage original.

Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited

A recreation of the guitar that changed it all

The Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited is, as expected, a period correct recreation of a ’52 Gold Top. The body has the classic combo of solid mahogany, and maple top. To maintain period correct detail, this is an entirely solid (i.e. non weight relieved) body, with two-piece carved maple top. The result is the same, weighty, meaty tone of the original, with the added ‘focus’ that maple affords.

Another Les Paul staple is the mahogany, set neck with the long tenon neck join. This is in no small part responsible for the famous sustaining tone, as it ensures neck resonance is not lost through the joint. The Les Paul 60th Anniversary recreates the original with a neck carved from a single piece of Grade-A mahogany. Featuring the same, chunky ‘50s profile, the neck is completed with a Grade-A rosewood fingerboard.

Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited

Whilst the Les Paul is perhaps more recognisable in its modern ‘Standard’ form, with twin humbuckers, the originals had two wide single-coil P90 pickups. And, unsurprisingly, that is what you’ll find here. The deliver rich, classic clean tones, but really adopt a satisfying, aggressive snarl when overdriven. These are wired via a three-way switch and two tone controls, with ‘orange Drop’ capacitors, and two volume controls.

The bridge is another ‘50s specific feature of the Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary. Whereas modern Les Pauls are more commonly seen with a Tune-o-matic bridge, in ’52, the Gold Top featured a trapeze bridge, as featured here. The original ’52 ‘s shallow neck pitch meant that the strings had to be strung under the bar of the bridge, making palm mutes impossible. This flaw has been rectified in the anniversary edition, with a correct 5-degree pitch, and strings wrapped over the bar.

Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited

The Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary Limited is finished in classic gold, with a natural lacquered back and neck, with a cream back guard, stamped with ‘60th Anniversary’.

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