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Gifts For Vocalists

Gifts For Vocalists

Edited 01/06/2017

Gifts For Vocalists - Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor

Gifts for vocalists can be even trickier than those for other musicians – here are some great suggestions…

Musicians are tricky to buy gifts for. However, there are always accessories, or other bits and pieces connected to their instrument that can make choosing a gift a bit easier.

If you’re buying for a singer, this can seem even trickier still. I mean, what can you buy for a vocalist? Well, you’d be surprised…

Here are some suggestions that would make great gifts for vocalists…

Shure Beta 58 Microphone

Gifts For Vocalists

The SM58 is one of the most popular microphones ever made. Robust, great-sounding, and reliable it has everything you might need from a live vocal microphone.

The Beta 58 takes all of the classic elements of this famous mic and raises the bar with lower handling noise, better frequency response and better dynamic response, too. Put simply, it’s just as tough and robust, but it sounds better.

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

Gifts For Vocalists - Boss VE-20

The Boss VE-20 is a twin compact FX pedal, much like the brand’s famous guitar FX pedals. Here, however, the VE-20 provides a feature set geared towards the vocalist.

There’s a high quality mic input with phantom power (so that it can be used with condenser mics), and a set of great effects tuned towards the performing vocalist. Common effects such as reverbs, chorus and the like are present, along with more experimental effects like distortions, strobe and more.

Crucially, these can all be operated with a foot-press at the microphone.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic

Gifts For Vocalists - iRig Mic

The iRig Mic continues IK’s all-conquering iRig range for iOS devices. It provides a quality condenser mic designed specifically for use with iPad and iPhone. Plugging into the regular input on these devices, this electret microphone allows the user to record at vastly improved quality into iOS apps (many of which are free).

Robustly designed, it also has a headphone output built in for monitoring.


Focusrite Scarlett Studio 2nd Gen Recording Package

Focusrite make some of the best and easiest to use equipment for vocalists, especially those who want to do their homework or home studio owners that want to record as soon as inspiration strikes.

This nifty little package from Focusrite includes the Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, Focusrite large diaphragm vocal microphone as well as a pair of high quality studio headphones. It’s everything a vocalist needs to record over demos you’ve captured in the studio or in the practice room. Perfect for laying down some professional grade vocal tracks at home – superb quality at an unbeatable price.

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