Giorgio Moroder DJs for the First Time

Legendary producer and musician, Giorgio Moroder DJs for the first time at age 73 – With Ableton and Novation gear…

He’s a legend in the world of music, and widely held to be one of the true pioneers of electronic dance music, thanks to his work with Donna Summer. But, remarkably for a man with such an important place in the history of the club DJ, Giorgio Moroder was never to be seen in the DJ booth.

Moroder is perhaps most well known for the hugely influential Donna Summer track, ‘I Feel Love’. As the legend goes, when Brian Eno heard the track, he gushed to David Bowie that it would change the sound of club music for the next 15 years. And, well, he was right.

Most recently, Giorgio Moroder was a guest on the recent Daft Punk album Random Access Memories. The track, Giorgio by Moroder pays tribute to the great man with an almost biographic, epic, kaleidoscopic track, with the man himself describing his journey into music.

And yet, despite having been involved with some of the most important tracks of the last 30 or so years, he’s never entered the DJ booth. Until now…

Ableton and Novation – If it’s good enough for Moroder…

Giorgio took to the booth earlier this month at Deep Space, at Output in Brooklyn NYC for his DJ debut. And, listening to the set, you might wonder why the legendary producer left it so long …

Musically, it has many of the synch hallmarks of his production work, and reflects both his German background, and his disco roots. Of course, when he drops ‘I Feel Love’, the excitement from the crowd is tangible.

When a man such as Giorgio Moroder DJs for the first time, the question from many gear lovers (like me) will be ‘what was he using to DJ with?’

Giorgio Moroder DJs For The First Time - Novation Launchpad S

The answer? From the photos that have emerged, it looks like Ableton Live and a Novation Launchpad S. This winning combo has been the backbone of many floor-filling DJ sets, allowing performers to easily lock tracks to a tempo grid, and synchronise them together.

Plus, the newly released Launchpad S provides the ideal means of getting far more hands-on, triggering loops and sample hits, and manipulating the performance in real-time.

Giorgio Moroder DJs For The First Time - Ableton Live 9

Ableton, of course, is the software that allows this all to happen, with its lightning fast and intuitive user interface underpinned by a rock-solid sound engine. Oh, and the vocodered into to his set? There’s a fair chance that it was done with the Novation MiniNova to his right, I’ll bet. Nice.

It seems clear that Giorgio Moroder knows his way around both pretty well, however.

It also proves that it’s never too late to start to DJ- this septuagenarian drops a set that would put a great many younger DJs to shame…

You can listen to the full set here – believe me, it’s well worth finding out what the man who changed dance music forever decides to play, when given the opportunity… 😉

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