We sat down with Glove, the groundbreaking two-piece who are taking the North West by storm to talk gear, gigging and songwriting...

No Blades No Bones

Glove are a band with a difference. A two-fold collaboration where minimalist sonics meets maximum soul, formed by artists SloSilver and Stephanie Finegan. Glove take a sound that is stripped back and bare, yet manage to push it to the maximum, creating a cacophony that belies the initially modest on-stage appearance of just one guitar, one floor tom and two artists.

The Glove live performance is becoming increasingly well known on the North West music scene. It’s all bombastic beat poetry juxtaposed with belted vocal lines buffeted by the pounding floor tom with ragged guitar and bass lines. You won’t find any typical song structure here. The music flows naturally, it’s a stream of consciousness as opposed to systematic songwriting.

After a successful year of gigging, a 6 Music live session and plenty of plaudits from the likes of Drowned in Sound and Louder Than War, we chatted with the intrepid duo to discuss touring, gear and songwriting…

Photo: Steve White


Dawsons: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us today, how’s your day going?

Glove: Hey good to chat. No worries at all. The day is going well thanks very glad to be chatting with you.

Dawsons: How was it playing the 6 Music Session, your live performances get pretty raucous did you reign it in a little bit for that one?

Glove: The session was a great experience and something we had on our band bucket list from the beginning but this won’t be the last time we will be heard on there we are sure. Everyone was very kind and seemed passionate about the music we are producing. Which created an energy of excitement and bliss throughout. Our live performance is an expression of our true selves with no bounds so we weren’t really able to dampen that down in the studio which did cause some chaos with our running around, our usual live activities. The hardest part for us was having breaks between songs so we had to run around the offices to keep up the energy.

Dawsons: Glove have a very different sound to anything I’ve encountered in the North West music scene, did you specifically set out for that minimalist sound or did it come about naturally?

Glove: That’s kind to say thank you. Glove has never been laborious for us and it is never unnatural. We are connected to each other both lyrically and musically so everything begins as a jam and then is partially moulded. Glove began as a cosmic sleep-deprived jam session between two friends and 12 songs were created immediately. A smashing of minds and a smashing of rhythms. 

Photo: Gary M Hough

Death Is Rebirth

Dawsons: You just released a video for ‘Death Is Rebirth’, can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the video and how you went about creating it?

Glove: The Death is Rebirth video is a snippet into the mind of someone with ADHD and a reflection upon the memories we collect in our lives. With the knowledge of how quick life is influenced by the fast-paced nature of the video. In the video for Death is Rebirth there are also elements of skeleton and nature identifying the true nature of human existence being just a cycle of Death and Rebirth in all its forms. Creating it was one Hen + one idea + ADHD brain = Death is Rebirth video.

Dawsons: How do you both find life as a two-piece when you’re gigging? Are things a lot easier than your more typical band setup?

Glove: It is bliss, absolute bliss. A 2 piece makes everything easier. No big drum kit and no need for lots of seats in the car. We have been able to pack all our gear into some very small spaces. It is extraordinary being in such a small band with such a big sound which always shocks audiences and promoters.

Photo: Gary M Hough


Dawsons: What guitars are you using live?

Glove: We have used a variety of guitars anything we can get out hands on really. We started with a fender jaguar, then move to a Rickenbacker now it’s back to the trusty Fenders with a Fender Telecaster at the helm. Also, we use a Fender bass. Heavily Fender influenced.

Dawsons: Are you using any effects units to add to the live performance?

Glove: The only effects we use is a Boss Loop pedal, MXR reverb pedal and a Boss distortion pedal. Keeping it minimal.

Dawsons: The lyrics are deep and the vocals intense, do you purposefully sit down to write to a theme or is it more of a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ approach in the writing phase?

Glove: There is a book… Leather bound and beautiful… Nestled inside are the thought formations of the Glove soul. When a riff hits just right… the thoughts escape the book and are released just at the right time with the right rhythms. No conscious theme just the soul in transit.


Dawsons: Do you have any plans to go back into the studio for a new release?

Glove: We love the studio with the extra hand of Glove, Ding Archer of 6db Studio in Manchester. We are currently crowdfunding through Patreon to give us the funds for our next set of releases. With the music industry as it is, it is important for artists to crowdfund as this is the only way to make independent art possible.

Dawsons: The year is drawing to a close and it’s been great to see you guys grow so much, what are your plans for the end of year/next year?

Glove: Our plans are never set apart from our secret band bucket list. We will be gigging more and releasing more and more visual art. We have secret plans to get our fans more involved in our sessions together in the future so keep an eye out.  Our next gig is supporting China Moon at The Castle Manchester on the 17th of January. Lots to come in 2020. The year of the duo. 


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