Acoustic Magazine has just published a very impressive review for the Farida James Morrison guitar

Glowing Review For The Farida James Morrison

Please note: The Farida James Morrison Signature Acoustic Guitar was a limited-edition model and is now longer available. If you’re looking for something similar, check out the range of Farida Acoustic Guitars.

The Farida Artist Designed range has produced some incredible instruments since its inception. Frank Turner has been touring his extensively, as has Sam Halliday, Steve Rothery, Freddie Cowan, Murph and the guys from Bombay Bicycle Club.

One of the instruments that attracts admiring glances from all who have seen or played it, however, is the James Morrison acoustic model. This vintage inspired guitar has a great mix of stunning good looks, great playability and superb build (with a few great idiosyncratic touches that could have only come from James).

The guys at Acoustic magazine got their hands on the guitar recently, and its fair to say that they were impressed, too. The resulting review for the Farida James Morrison couldn’t have been much better, really…

Stunning guitar, designed by James and limited to 25 units

Glowing Review For The Farida James Morrison

The Farida Artist Designed concept is based around the idea of respected artists designing their ideal instrument, and having it built by Farida’s master luthiers. These are then released in highly limited numbers (typically no more than 25 units worldwide) at a very fair price, so that fans of the artist, or fans of great guitars, can own a little piece of musical history, and a superb guitar, to boot.

Glowing Review For The Farida James Morrison

The team at Acoustic magazine were clearly very taken with the James Morrison model, describing it as,

‘A mix of lovely design ideas, feature combinations and alluring vintage aesthetics’, and singing the praises of its, ‘…gorgeous vintage sunburst finish’.

We couldn’t agree more. The guitar is based around an ‘R’ series body shape , which a little smaller than a dreadnought, but quite ‘full’ and rounded. Built with solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the tone is warm and rich, but articulate and defined. The vintage looks are reminiscent of the classic parlour guitars the blues pioneers played, but with a unique, tongue in cheek ‘peace’ logo specified by James.

Glowing Review For The Farida James Morrison

The combination of great looks, build and playability didn’t escape the reviews at Acoustic, either, stating,

‘This guitar partners classic tone combinations with solid electronics and a gloriously vintage vibe that has been put together with an undeniably talented eye for design’, before concluding that it has, ‘…excellent playability, which makes all manner of playing styles very east to accomplish.’

We couldn’t have put it better. You can read the full review in Acoustic magazine.