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What do you buy the tub-thumper who has everything? Here are some great gifts for drummers and percussionists…

Drummers, like most musicians, suffer from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). So, whilst it might seem that they will be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for, if you indulge their love of drum related, er… stuff, then you can’t go wrong.

To help, here are some suggestions from the gifts for drummers section, in our online store.

Meinl Headliner Cajon

Meinl Headliner Cajon

The humble Cajon has grown from being a rather niche percussion instrument used in South American and Spanish musical styles, to being a regular sight in acoustic performances everywhere.


Often, if a band is performing their work acoustically, the drummer’s role is reduced to a few bits of hand percussion or removed altogether. This is in part due to the fact that a drum kit would be too loud for a performance with acoustic guitars, and partly because an acoustic gig tends to be smaller in scale.

Players will typically carry a few guitars along, and plug them into a PA. Transporting a drum kit, by contrast, is a major operation.

A Cajon offers a sound akin to a drum kit played with brushes or rods, is incredibly portable and can be played very intuitively. In addition, the sound hole provides an ideal place to position a microphone.

This Meinl Headliner is a great, affordable Cajon, providing drummers with many more options when playing live. It makes a great emergency stool, too…

Moongel Damper Pad

Moongel Damper Pad

Though there are many great gifts for drummers available, you can never really go wrong with some Moongel. Almost every drummer you meet will have some of this lying around, both professional and intermediate, as it’s perfect for snare drums, floor and rack toms.

Every drummer knows that damping options can look and feel pretty bulky and often change the sound of a drum rather than just controlling the resonance, but with Moongel, you get far greater control over unwanted resonance without sacrificing tone.

This nifty little Moongel pack comes with 4 small pads that can be cut to size. As far as gifts go, it’s a pretty solid idea as somewhere down the line a drummer is pretty much guaranteed to need the help of Moongel at some point.


drum throne

Like cymbals, the drum stools included with beginner kits are often an area where costs are kept down, resulting in stools that are basic.

This can mean that sitting at your kit is uncomfortable, at best, and causing back problems at worst.

This Mirage T1 Drum Throne is a great upgrade. It’s ergonomically designed, with a nice thick layer of padding. It’s constructed beautifully and minimizes side to side movement (crucial for reducing the chances of back issues).

Super comfortable and super tough.

Roland TD-17KL Electronic Kit

Image of the Roland TD-17KL Electronic Kit

In some respects, the TD-17KL is the ‘holy grail’ of digital drums: it’s truly portable and has a very capable sound module, its lightweight, design collapses so that it can be easily transported from place to place meaning that you could feasibly carry this to a rehearsal or gig! If used in the home, it means that the drums could also be taken down and stored, where space is limited.

The TD-17KL is built to the exacting standards that have seen Roland V-Drums become the world’s biggest name in digital drums.

Dawsons Vouchers

Great Gifts For Drummers And Percussionists

If you’re still not sure, and the drummer in questions is close to one of our stores, Dawsons Vouchers are always a very safe bet. By gifting these, you can be sure that they will choose something that they want or need, without having to get involved in any technical drumming-speak…

Vouchers are available in £20 and £10 denominations, and redeemable in any of our high street stores.