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Guitar Accessories That You Shouldn’t Leave Your Home Without

Guitar Accessories That You Shouldn’t Leave Your Home Without

Updated 9/11/16

Five guitar accessories you should always have in your gigbag

The term ‘guitar accessories’ is a term that covers a huge spectrum of items, and the term seems to imply that these are not necessarily essential. However, many guitarists would argue that this is not the case (particularly those who have been caught out at a gig without them). Aside from saving a gig, many are the kind of thing that, once you’ve used them, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without.

To help, here’s a guide to five guitar accessories that it is very wise (if not essential), to have in your gigbag.

D'Addario strings

Guitar Strings

In the grand scheme of guitar accessories, this is undoubtedly the absolute essential. If I had a pound for every time I’d seen a gig, or guitar lesson ruined by the lack of a spare string, I’d be a millionaire… Oh all right, maybe not a millionaire, but I’d certainly be able to buy myself something nice (a new jumper or two, maybe?) It’s a good idea to have a full set, along with a few top ‘E’ and ‘B’ strings. D’Addario has a rangethat should cover just about anything.

Image of a Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal

Guitar Tuner

Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with perfect pitch, you won’t get very far without a guitar tuner. Nobody wants to play out of tune, do they? (unless it’s intentional, of course…) Electric guitar players and bassists should check out the Boss TU-3 tuner pedal, or the Rowin LT-920 Tuner PSU Pedal. More universal offerings include the Korg CA-1, and the Boss TU-10 clip-on.

Planet Waves Guitar Lead

Guitar lead

Okay, this only really applies to those who are using amplification, but a spare guitar lead can be a lifesaver in the same way as a guitar strings are. The Essentials range of cables is inexpensive enough to make ideal backup leads. If you would rather have something with a lifetime warranty, Planet Waves cables are truly excellent.

Essentials String Winder

String Winder

The string winder is one of the guitar accessories that many do not realise its worth. Essentially, it slides over the guitar’s machine head, and acts as a kind of ratchet, enabling strings to be wound on and off quickly. So, should you be on stage when a string snaps, have no fear. Simply take on of your spares from your gig bag ( 😉 ), and speedily change it over with a string winder.

Danelectro 9V battery

9V Battery

The 9V Battery is a guitar accessory that is often overlooked, but if I had a pound for every gig I’ve seen de-railed by a dead battery… This really only applies to those who play electro acoustic guitars with active pre-amps, and those using effects pedals, but for sake of £1.49 (the price of a Danelectro 9V battery), stick one in your gig bag, and relax knowing that you have it covered…

So there we are- you can now go forth, safe in the knowledge that you are equipped with the tools to deal with the most common guitar-based disasters.

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