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Guitar Bundles: Which Should I Choose?

Guitar Bundles: Which Should I Choose?

All you need to get started

Starting a new hobby is exciting. It can also be, particularly with something like the guitar, a tad overwhelming. Where to begin? What should I learn first? What kind of guitar will suit my needs?

You see, hobbies are like that. You learn one thing, and three new things appear. You learn those, and five new things appear in their place. The trick is in knowing what to learn first.

We know that, for the most part, guitars are actually pretty simple. They usually comprise a contraption made of wood, with various bits of metal and/or plastic over its body. The confusion can come in the sheer amount of variation.

A solid place to start is to look at the bare essentials. Don’t worry about effects pedals, or pickup combinations, or anything like that just yet. Consider instead what we’ll call the basics. The instrument, and a method to amplify its sounds. But what are guitar bundles? You can think of a guitar bundle as a starter pack. In it, you’ll find all the gear you’ll need to begin making a racket. That is, a guitar (obviously), an amplifier, and often some other smaller peripherals like a strap, plectrums, a lead, and maybe even a tuner or guitar stand. Bundles offer a great way to get up and running.

Let’s take a look at five great guitar bundles, which are made up of everything you need to get your musical journey underway.

Redwood RS2 G10 Bundle

Redwood RS2 G10 Beginners Bundle

At the absolute entry-level, is the Redwood RS2 G10 bundle. There’s nowt wrong with entry-level, particularly if the person who will own the gear isn’t 100% sure how committed they’ll be to the hours of practice and dedication required to become a decent player. There’s also, it must be said, nowt wrong with this particular bundle.

It is made up of a Strat-style guitar – arguably the most famous (and easiest to play) body shape in guitar land. On top of that, there’s a 10w practice amp, which has both clean and overdriven channels, for a greater variety of sounds. You’ll also find a lead to connect the two, a guitar carry-bag, a few plectrums and a tuner. Literally everything you need at the start. Well worth a look for, perhaps, a younger player who has shown an interest.

 Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special

Epiphone Slash AFD Bundle

If your ideal playing style is perhaps looking to be slightly harder-edged, then the Epiphone Slash AFD Bundle is the one for you. Endorsed by the legendary Guns N’ Roses man, this pack comprises a superb quality Epiphone Les Paul Special guitar, which is modelled on the iconic Les Pauls played by Slash himself.

The pack also comes complete with a strap, lead, plectrums and a guitar carry case featuring Slash’s pretty badass logo across the front. One for the rockers here.

Epiphone PR-4E

Epiphone PR-4E

It’s not just electric guitars that come in bundles. The fantastic Epiphone PR-4E bundle has all the trappings of a great starter kit, yet is focused on providing that all-in-one benefit specifically for acoustic players.

In the pack you’ll get the gorgeous Epiphone PR-4E electro-acoustic, along with a specialist acoustic amplifier to play it through. This pack is ideal for any solo players, or singer-songwriters, looking to take their first steps onto the live stage. And, coming from Epiphone – part of the Gibson guitar group – you know the quality and craftsmanship can be relied on.

Squier Short Scale Strat Bundle

Squier Short Scale Strat Pack

Finally, one for the budding younger players. The Squier Short Scale Strat Pack combines a shorter scale-length Squier Stratocaster with a small, 10w practice amplifier. This diminutive duo offers a great way for younger players (or anyone with smaller hands!) to get started on the instrument.

The shorter scale length means both the neck is thinner, and easier to play chords on, and the shorter length neck means it’s not such a stretch to reach your way up and down the fretboard. Other than that, the guitar functions the same as any other. You pick it up, plug it in and let rip. Just the way it should be.

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