The new HeadRush Looperboard ups the looping game considerably, it's a road-ready powerhouse that is the stuff dreams are made of...

The Looper pedal of your dreams…

Keeping the big hitters coming, the HeadRush Looperboard is another flawless piece of kit that will make you wonder ‘how do they do it?’. Boasting 4-In/4-Out Looper functionality with Intelligent Time-Stretch and built-in FX, this beauty is a stage-ready masterstroke of intuitive design and sleek lines.

More power to you

HeadRush Looperboard Guitar Effects Processor

Looping doesn’t just take time; it also requires ample processor power to prevent glitches or lag. Worry not my friends, as the team at HeadRush have equipped the Looperboard with an ultra-powerful quad-core DSP system. Built solely for the purpose of ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible, you can layer up your looper cake and eat it too.

Touchscreen tactility

Amongst the bright and shiny lights, it’s still hard to miss the 7-inch high res touch display. Delivering the dynamic feedback that allows you to stay on top of your game, you can touch, swipe, drag and drop to your heart’s content. Essentially, you can customise the Looperboard display to your exacting requirements, giving you total control over how it operates and performs.

Cavernous storage potential

For a start, the HeadRush Looperboard allows you to record and playback over eight hours of audio, which can be saved to the internal storage. EIGHT HOURS!!! What are you even going to do with that? Let me tell you. Whatever you want! You can export loops to SD and via USB storage inputs too. Absolutely ridiculous for all the right reasons.

Masterful loop control

HeadRush Looperboard Guitar Effects Processor

As you can see from the gorgeous product shots there are twelve footswitches at your disposal, complete with the RGB LEDs we’ve all come to know and love. The footswitches offer control over every conceivable function that you could hope for. Seriously, there doesn’t appear to be anything that you can’t do from the obvious like record/overdub/undo/redo etc., to reversing, transposing, and all things in-between for individual looper tracks or everything at once!

Each loop offers up four mono or stereo looper tracks that can be run in a range of several modes to accommodate whatever workflow you desire.

Tap Tempo with Intelligent Time Stretch

Ultimate flexibility during live performances is yours, especially when the band kicks things up a gear and you find your loop edging out of time. All you need to do is tap a footswitch and the loop will respond in kind by changing tempo whilst retaining pitch and without audio dropping, glitching or popping. Joy of joys.

Extensive connectivity

HeadRush Looperboard Guitar Effects Processor

Just take a look at that rear panel. There’s more than enough for you to go on without it being overblown or missing anything out. It is practically perfect. There are 1/4-inch jack/XLR combo inputs with independent gain controls and switchable phantom power, XLR outputs with switchable ground lift, 1/4-inch outputs switchable between amp or line level, headphone outputs, aux input for connecting phones, tablets, etc. You’re all set.

MIDI connectivity

If you’ve got external MIDI gear like drum machines, effects or outboard recording equipment, the Looperboard can even receive MIDI time code too. Keeping everything in sync is delightfully simple and for those with elaborate stage or studio setups then this is icing on the cake.

USB recording with ease

Thanks to the integrated USB audio interface it couldn’t be easier to record your mix directly to either Mac or PC.

Tough as nails

HeadRush Looperboard Guitar Effects Processor

In keeping with their other exceptional offerings: Pedalboard, Gigboard and FRFR Guitar Cabinet, the Looperboard is built to take all the abuse that comes with life on the road.

To see and hear the Looperboard in action, our man Tom Quayle and Dan Weston from HeadRush put it through its paces. Enjoy!

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