How To Make Dubstep With A Blender

It’s often compared to the sound of household appliances, but here, two videos show how to make Dubstep with a blender…

The machine-like noises of Dubstep are almost guaranteed to cause any folk of a certain age within earshot to wince, and start comparing it to a hoover/ drill/ household appliance of choice.

These brutal noises are an essential part of this genre’s appeal. But, if you really need to appease those who, well, just don’t get it, you could always show them these two videos. Each shows how to make Dubstep with a blender- one is slightly tongue in cheek, and the other is a more serious effort by Youtube legend, HowToBasic.

I bet you had no idea Dubstep involved so many eggs…

Alternatively, you could use these…

Of course, there are more convoluted ways of producing Dubstep without using a blender. The first ingredient is (no, not eggs), a filthy sounding synthesizer. Need some suggestions?

Here are three great choices…

How To Make Dubstep With A Blender - Novation Bass Station II

Novation Bass Station II

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Novation updated one of its most revered synths. The Bass Station II is an analogue synth with a palette that ranges from warm and squelchy, through to aggressive, pure filth.

In terms of bass, it’s big and powerful, but when you need to bring the dirt, it’s only a dial away. Plus, there are plenty of modulation options, too.

How To Make Dubstep With A Blender - Korg MS20 Mini

Korg MS20 Mini

Continuing the analogue theme is Korg’s remake of a classic- the MS20 Mini. This is a replication of the legendary semi-modular synth of the late ‘70s, but with mini-keys and the advantage of a USB MIDI connection.

The ability to re-patch the synth via cables on the front panel is one of the most inspiring ways to program sounds. As you might imagine, it’s easy to stumble across some pretty outrageous tones without even trying.

The MS20 filter is a pretty charismatic beast, too. In conjuction with the LFOs and other mod features, it’s more than capable of everything from a warm rumble, to an ear-splitting squeal.

How To Make Dubstep With A Blender - NI Komplete 9

Native Instruments Komplete

Native Instruments Massive synth played a massive part in defining Dubstep’s sound. With a sound that justified the synth’s name, an intuitive interface, and mind-blowing routing options, it quickly became the tool of choice.

If you wanted to know how to make Dubstep, spending time learning how utilise Massive’s comprehensive modulation tools was a great place to start.

How To Make Dubstep With A Blender - Native Instruments Massive

The Komplete package provides a comprehensive selection of Native’s software instruments and effects, including Massive, along with Razor and new vintage-style subtractive synth, Monark.

So, use a blender (and eggs) or use some lovely synths – the choice is yours. If you decide to choose the latter, you can call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420) for help and advice. Alternatively, see our range of synths in our online store here, and our software here.

If you choose the former method, I’m afraid we can’t help- and neither, I suspect, can anyone… 😉