Some things just seem to get creativity flowing more than others – here are some great examples of inspiring music gear…

Want to get some musical ideas flowing quickly? You could do far worse than look at some of the products listed below. When you’re in a creative rut, these bits of inspiring music gear should propel you out of it…

Ableton Live

Inspiring Music Gear
There are lots of DAW software packages out there, but there is still nothing quite like Ableton. By allowing the user to take the constituent parts of their composition and ‘jam’ with them live, it can take your creation in completely different directions instantly. Whatever your musical background, the accessibility afforded by Ableton Live allows anyone to jump in. However, you can take performances to increasingly complex places thanks to the impressive engine within the software.

Add a flexible, versatile control interface, and the ability to bend audio and MIDI data at will, and you have very inspiring package indeed.

Ableton Push 2 Instrument

ableton push 2

The Ableton Push was developed to be the perfect controller for Live- well, who better to design it? It takes the grid controller design but transforms it into a truly evolved device. Its velocity sensitive buttons allow it to be played as an expressive instrument. The excellence in the heart of the Push’s design lies within its exceptionally accessible layout that sets the foundation for beautifully intuitive tactile control.

Combined with clear displays, assignable rotary controls, and hand-in-glove integration, the Push will allow you to fully exploit Ableton’s power. Whether you’re working on a set, recording a mix or performing to an adoring crowd, you can work smoothly on-the-fly for seamless sets.

Elektron Digitakt Sampler


The Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer and Sampler is a one stop shop for beat creation and programming. As with others on this list, it is easy to get up and running with the Digitakt by the complexity of your beats can be pushed to the very limits of your imagination.

Whether you’re integrating it into a wider setup or simply using it as your go to beat maker, Elektron have built it to play nicely with others or perform independently without any fuss. In the studio or on the go, you’ll never want to be without it.

Akai MPC X

Akai MPC X Production Controller

The Akai MPC X Music Production Controller is an incredible powerhouse for producers who want total control in a single device. Boasting a heady mix of hardware and software with MPC 2.0 software included amongst 50GB worth of virtual instruments, there’s a plethora of dials, knobs and AKAIs legendary touchpads to ensure that you have everything needed to let your creativity run wild.

From Hip Hop to House music and everywhere in between, the production process is streamlined to make recording, sampling and composing a breeze. Tactile control extends to the generously proportioned touchscreen, and for those who want to integrate other devices there’s a raft of connectivity options to choose from.