Casio and C.Bechstein
Casio have combined the best of acoustic pianos with some digital piano features that are truly unique to deliver their Hybrid Grand Piano.

A perfect partnership

There have been some great collaborations in the history of music. Think of Lennon and McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, or even John Williams and Steven Spielberg.

Each partnership has produced something truly exceptional, and now there’s one more to add to the list: Casio and C.Bechstein. An unlikely pairing you might think… But one that has delivered some incredible results for the world of digital pianos.

So, what happens when you put Casio, one of the world’s leading technology companies together in a room with C.Bechstein, one of Europe’s most prestigious manufacturers of acoustic pianos? The result: The award-winning Grand Hybrid series of digital pianos.
Casio Award

Incorporating three stunning European piano tones, including a Bechstein D282 concert grand, all Grand Hybrid Pianos benefit from the Berlin company’s hundred and fifty year heritage of acoustic piano expertise.

Using full-length, wooden keys (the same as in Bechstein pianos) and a real, moving hammer mechanism, these new instruments give you the true touch and feel of one of Europe’s finest acoustic masterpieces. Further to this is the fact that you get a perfect grand piano experience in a unit that will look elegant in your home.

Casio and C.Bechstein

Tradition and innovation

What’s more, Casio have combined the best of acoustic piano tradition with some new digital features that are truly unique. For example, the Concert Play song library lets you feature as a soloist with recordings of Japan’s finest symphony orchestra making for some jaw-dropping performances.

The powerful built in Hall Simulator adds the beautiful acoustics of famous concert halls, including the Sydney Opera House, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Wembley Stadium to your playing thanks to the painstaking modelling that Casio engineers have endured.

If you are looking for a truly authentic acoustic piano feel in an elegant digital piano cabinet, try the new Grand Hybrid instruments in our flagship Liverpool store today. Alternatively, click here for more information.