James Morrison

James Morrison is set to be the next artist to receive a Farida Artist Designed Guitar!

The Farida Artist Designed range has a new forthcoming model: James Morrison is latest artist to get his hands on a stunning signature model.

The UK singer songwriter has established himself as that rare artist, with both ‘muso’ credibility and mainstream appeal. In 2006, at the age of 21, he became a household name with the hit single, ‘You Give Me Something’, and the album Undiscovered. Since then, he has released a further 2 albums (2008’s Songs for You, Truths for Me, and 2011’s The Awakening).

farida Artist Designed James Morrison

With a massive fan-base across the globe, album sales in excess of 5 million, and chart number 1 positions for both albums and singles, James has become an internationally recognised artist.

Remarkably, in this age of celebrity pop stars, he has done so with his musical integrity intact, and a respect from fellow musicians to match his huge popularity.

Given his musical influences, however, this should come as no surprise. Morrison’s musical grounding involved healthy doses of Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, and Al Green. It is the influence of these legends that underpins Morrison’s soulful work.

And now, James Morrison is a Farida artist. We’re rather excited about this, as you may have gathered…

farida Artist Designed James Morrison

New Farida Artist Designed James Morrison acoustic guitar!

Though, as yet, we don’t have the full specs, you can see from the pictures in this article that the forthcoming Farida Artist Designed James Morrison guitar is yet another stunning instrument.

Farida Artist Designed James Morrison

The principle of the Artist Designed range is for respected artists to design their ultimate, no-compromise guitar in conjunction with luthiers at Farida. These will be produced in extremely small quantities (usually 25), and made available to buy.

Farida Artist Designed James Morrison

The James Morrison model is an electro-acoustic model that sits in-between dreadnought and concert body in-terms of size, with a tastefully curvy waist. We can also see from the pictures that it features (if I’m not mistaken…) a Fishman Rare Earth soundhole pickup.

Farida Artist Designed James Morrison

Other than that, we can see James has put his own aesthetic stamp on it, with a lovely vintage brown finish, and unique ‘peace’ headstock graphic. Nice.

The Farida Artist Designed James Morrison should be arriving (hopefully) very soon. If you’d like to be kept up to date with stock availability, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420).