Roland has revealed a video of John Petrucci explaining why an eBand JS-10 has become a part of his rig…

The name John Petrucci is pretty much synonymous with guitar virtuosity. Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, his technical ability is  undeniable. To reach this level of ability clearly demands a great degree of dedication to practice, and the ability to get the most out of every practice session. So, how does he do it? It seems that an important part of his current practise rig is the Boss eBand JS-10 audio player.

The Dream Theater guitarist describes how Boss’s compact audio player/ backing generator/ effects unit has replaced a flight-case full of gear, and enabled his practice to be both more immediate and more convenient. Extolling the virtues of its excellent onboard guitar tones, and compact size, he explains how he not only has an eBand that he takes on every tour with him in his bag, with one backstage at every gig, he has one in every room in his house (!)

Now there’s a man who likes to practise…

Boss eBand JS-10

Boss eBand JS-10 – £319

So, what exactly is the eBand? In essence, it combines lots of different things that are ideal for practice and jamming, in a compact, portable unit with built-in speakers. The JS-10 is equipped with 2 inputs for guitars, basses or vocals, each with individual controls for level and effects. This is ideal for individual practise or duets.

The effects included are based on Roland’s excellent COSM technology. A wide range of classic amplifiers are recreated, derived from Boss GT-100 technology, along with reverbs, modulation effects and more.

Over 350 audio loops are also loaded, with the ability to ‘minus one’ parts- i.e. you can remove guitar parts or bass parts from them for convenient practice. Fifty new songs are also included.

Boss eBand JS-10 Front Panel

Should you wish to practice along with something else, plugging a USB stick loaded with the track of your choice means that you can play along with anything you would like to. With a centre cancel feature, you can even remove vocal tracks on most tracks, too.

The eBand JS-10 even has a built-in 2.1 speaker system, so you don’t need a guitar amp. It’s easy to see why John Petrucci has one in every room in his house… Okay, that’s not quite so easy to see- rock stars, eh?