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Kid Bookie in Q&A Corner: Hip Hop x Slipknot

Kid Bookie in Q&A Corner: Hip Hop x Slipknot

Fur Minxxx

Kid Bookie is an upcoming star of the UK hip hop scene, combining elements of rap, trap and unconventionally, a penchant for metal guitar riffs into his blend of hip hop. A home studio producer, he creates his music in-house and his aggressive, yet creative flows are laced with humour, showcasing a deeper intellect that delivers intricate wordplay with a razor-sharp edge.

A recent collaboration with Corey Taylor of Slipknot caused waves online with the 'knot frontman delivering his 16 bars on a remix of the track and featuring in the video. The song exemplifies Kid Bookie's interesting use of melodies in his vocal hooks, showcasing a clear theoretical backing and ear for music. Originally a guitarist, his foundation in 'traditional' forms of music helps add an edge to the DIY ethos of the modern hip hop artist.

Don't Blame Me

Hey man, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today, how's your day going?

Kid Bookie - Thank you for giving a f**k to converse, it’s going wonderfully.

You've just released a video for Fur Minxxx, apparently, there was some trouble with the police during the shoot, what happened?

Kid Bookie - The council and police force thought I’d be a danger to the public, which we all possibly could be if the balance of our heads are tipped too f**king far but until then, I wasn’t so I just got on with it and did what I could with the limitations and time I had, I guess.

The collaboration with Corey Taylor for the Stuck in My Ways Remix was really cool, how was it getting to work with a rock and metal legend?

Kid Bookie - I think it’s always a surreal experience to work with your favourite artist, let alone a f**king legend like Corey, it’s a trip... But yeah man, he’s forever family, I’m always grateful, there’s a whole pool of talented mother f**kers I’m sure that want to revel in the same brackets as the teachers we grew up learning from so to have that opportunity is f**king crazy.

Stuck in my Ways

You were a guitar player before moving into hip hop, was there something in particular that sparked the change?

Kid Bookie - I still do play guitar, never would stop, I guess just being young in a place where I was a huge minority in regards to music, dress sense, etc, I felt very alienated and didn’t really have a huge outlet to do it, I had a band but it was never serious and we was REALLLY kids back then, 13, 14... so to some it was a phase but I wanted that shit so bad, my dad was a rapper so hip hop was always in my veins, I just learned to express myself through beats first then merged it all in later on.

What was your first guitar?

Kid Bookie - An Argos Encore classical acoustic.

Fur Minxxx features the addition of some very metal-sounding guitars to your sound which is a cool touch, I always felt that rhythmically there's a lot of crossover between metal and the harder end of the hip hop spectrum. Do metal bands form any part of your influences when making hip hop? Also, do you play any guitar parts yourself?

Kid Bookie - Hell f**king yeah, and yes, I love incorporating my own guitar into s**t, a lot of my own playing is in my acoustic works, anything metal/rock is with my band G.O.A.T, I’ve always felt rock music had some of the craziest melodies and a lot of people were taking melodies from it and incorporating it into their own sonics, it’s being appreciated a lot more now because the generation that grew up with it actually express how much that s**t means to us, rather than manipulate the sound and not credit where it comes from.

Your songs generally feature a lot of interesting, well-executed vocal melodies and I know a lot of musicians who struggle with the theory side of things, do you think having a background in 'traditional' instrument playing makes it easier to create those kinds of melodies?

Kid Bookie - If I didn’t learn instruments or be obsessed with theory, I don’t think it’d of given me the inkling to I guess experiment with how my hooks go, I’ve always been shy to sing but I love singing so I just sing on everything, I don’t really give a f**k how it sounds I just want to sing and if people like it that’s a HUGE bonus for me...haha, I always express the importance of studying music to people around me but some I believe are only doing music because of the trend of influence, so will never take it as serious as people that love this s**t do...

Publish This

I've been getting into beat-making a lot lately and was pretty surprised to find a lot of guys are just using a laptop and a set of monitors. What sort of hardware do you prefer? Are you a MIDI keyboard kinda guy or do you prefer a virtual keyboard?

Kid Bookie - I use a midi because I love keys, I love finding chords and progressions, plus I have my own set up that I just knock out music from, most s**t that’s ever been heard has come from my home studio.

I know a lot of producers are into Ableton or Logic, what's your DAW of choice?

Kid Bookie - Definitely Logic, I’ve grown and become accustomed with it.

That instrumental on 'Who’s Next' is amazing, probably my favourite tune off the album. The drums are really dynamic, are those samples?

Kid Bookie - It’s a sample from this like Spanish/Latin band, I’ll have to remember the name after, forgive my lack of knowledge because I actually listened to this not long ago when the producer was showing me where he got it from, but it’s had its own drums put into it, to bring the ‘current’ feel I guess.

Monitors are so key to any decent studio setup, which ones are you rocking at the moment?

Kid Bookie - Yamaha HS5’s.

Dark Horse

What's next for Kid Bookie? Can we expect an album anytime soon?

Kid Bookie - F**k yeah, currently in the recording process of just something, no name as of yet but we will see how the scape of it sounds, excited as hell though.

If you could have your pick of anyone who would you most like to collaborate with?

Kid Bookie - Ah man, too small to limit to one but Frank Ocean is definitely on that list amongst a whole heap of legends.

Do you have any tips for up and coming producers or MCs and is there anyone coming onto the scene at the moment that you rate highly?

Kid Bookie - Don’t digress from your identity, it’s going to become your biggest asset when you’re surrounded by people that have lost themselves due to the constant chase of appeasing society’s made yo standards. I think Che Lingo, Olah Bliss, Lovelle, Pouya, Ghostemane, ZillaKami... a lot more are going to go on and be larger than life.

Last question, have you ever been into a Dawsons Music store before? If not fancy popping in next time you're local?

Kid Bookie - I haven’t but hold me to it and I’ll be there when I’m in the city, eternal love my friends.

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