KRK ROKIT G4 speakers reach new heights with regard to sonic potential for home and professional performance. Check them out at the Dawsons' Blog.

KRK Rokit G4 has lift off…

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, engineer, producer or all of the above, at some point you’ll have come across the outstanding KRK Rokit G3 monitors. Sleek design with customary eye-catching yellow cones, the G3 monitors feature in home and professional studios across the globe, due in no small part to their affordability and impeccable performance.

Now KRK push things forward with the Rokit G4 line and the RP5, RP7, RP8 and RP10-3. Wowzers!

Building on a solid foundation

KRK are no strangers to the studio monitor game. Boasting over 30 years’ worth of experience, they know a thing or two about what sounds good, what works, and how to ensure that you get the best experience from your gear. The ROKIT Generation 4 “G4” range incorporates innovative features that give you pro-level quality at a budget-friendly price.

Superior Kevlar drivers

Rigid Kevlar woofers and tweeters match the driver design to optimise sonic integrity across every frequency, which also has the benefit of minimising listening fatigue. Therefore, you can happily track, mix, and master to your heart’s content with a balanced listening experience.

Image of a studio monitor speaker

Science behind the design

KRK Rokit speaker enclosures underwent meticulous research and testing phases to create the resulting G4 design. Combining a low resonance speaker enclosure with a new front-firing port ensures a hearty low-end, punchy mids and greater flexibility with regard to room placement. Thanks to high-density open-cell acoustic Iso-foam pads, vibration is minimal, improving sonic clarity and speaker performance. Ingenious engineering ensures that constant air pressure behaviour at any volume results in a consistent response to help you find that “sweet spot” in any studio.

Custom-designed Class D power amp

Powering it all is a newly designed custom Class D power amp that drives each speaker efficiently for reduced operating temperatures and sustained audio integrity. The integrated custom-built Brickwall Limiter kicks in automatically at maximum amp levels to maintain a balanced sound, prevent system overload and maximise headroom.

Rokit goes smart!

The KRK Rokit G4 speakers boast digital signal processing (DSP) driven room tuning capabilities with a whopping 25 Graphic EQ settings via the LCD Graph on the rear of each speaker. By using the included KRK App on your smart device, you can access real-time spectral analysis information to help with a vast range of acoustic settings from speaker placement to crossover setting assistance. There’s even a built-in Signal Generator!

ROKIT is out of this world

Forgive the pun. In all seriousness, we are scratching our heads trying to work out how KRK managed to improve upon the already awesome ROKIT line, but they have pulled it off in style. The addition of the smart tech to make room placement easier is the icing on an already stacked cake.

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