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Learn to Play the Guitar with Dawsons Music Schools

If you want to learn to play the guitar, Dawsons Music School Warrington takes some beating…

There are many approaches for those wishing to learn to play the guitar, but all experienced players will agree that there is no substitute for an excellent teacher. At Dawsons we are justifiably proud of our music schools, and ensure that they are filled with an army of the best music teachers around. You can be confident, then, that should you learn to play the guitar with us, you will be learning from the best.

Should you need a bit more reassurance, our Warrington music school has been quietly building a set of results to rival Team GB this year…

Rockschool Guitar Book 1

Record Rockschool Guitar Pass Results

The guitar teacher at our Warrington school, Jim Ashcroft, has been ensuring a steady flow of talented guitarists into the Warrington area for some time, and based at our Warrington store for over a decade. The results that the students at his guitar school have achieved in 2012, however, have broken all previous records.

In 2012 so far, the guitar school has seen:

  • 4 x Grade 8 Guitar passes
  • 1 x Grade 8 Bass pass
  • 5 x Grade 7 Guitar passes
  • 5 x Grade 6 Guitar passes
  • 4 x Grade 5 Guitar passes
  • 1 x Grade 5 Bass pass
  • 4 x Grade 4 Guitar passes
  • 8 x Grade 3 Guitar passes
  • 10 x Grade 2 Guitar Passes
  • 10 x Grade 1 Guitar Passes

Phew. And it’s still only August! With another round of Rockschool exams in November, we can expect even more.

This is no accident. These results are the product of years of hard work and commitment from both student and teacher– some of those students passing higher grades have been studying with Jim for a number of years. It illustrates that a having great teacher to nurture passion and talent is invaluable, however.

Whether you wish to learn how play the guitar, keyboard, piano or drums, all Dawsons Music Schools have excellent teachers and facilities to help you to fulfil your potential and enjoy playing and performing music.

Congratulations to all students of our Warrington music School.

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