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Best Lightweight Stage Pianos For Pros

Best Lightweight Stage Pianos For Pros

Nobody wants to lug around a huge weight on his or her own – here are some lightweight stage pianos that your back will love…

If you gig regularly, then regardless of the instrument you play, you’ll end lugging some heavy gear around- something that your back won't thank you for. Guitarists have their amps to carry, and drummers arguably have it toughest of all, but keys players aren’t far behind. Though a stage piano is considerably lighter than an upright digital piano (which is in turn, a fraction of the weight of an acoustic piano), it’s still not easy to transport these things. Most weigh between 20 and 30 kilos- a weight that, without the luxury of some assistance, is not inconsiderable. One of the biggest issues, though, is sheer size. The length of most of these instruments usually means that to transport it, you’ll need an estate car, or have to put the rear seats down in a hatchback. In a saloon car, you can pretty much forget it… However, several manufacturers have addressed the need for lightweight stage pianos, and the results are impressive to say the least. Shorter in length, and lower in weight, these are the gigging musician’s friends. Here are some of the best currently available.

Roland FP-30

Roland’s most recent stage piano is likely to be one of its most popular. The FP-30 is directly aimed at those players who need to be able to transport their instrument around regularly, but don’t want to compromise on sound quality or feel. The FP-30 features 88 Weighted Keys (PHA-4), to deliver superior authentic piano touch that seasoned piano players and beginners alike will appreciate. Again, one of the main issues professional pianists or touring keyboard players face is the backbreaking work of transporting their gear. However, even though the FP-30 has 88 weighted keys, it's compact enough to gig with or transport from your home to practice and back again. This means it will easily fit in the boots of most small cars, or even across the back seat. Plus, it weighs just 14.1 kg, which should keep you out of the chiropractors for some time… It features a great selection of excellent tones (35 in total), with flagship SuperNatural technologies incorporated into the piano, electric piano and organ sounds, as well as built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity for using the piano with popular apps or your Bluetooth enabled amplifier if applicable. A great touring keyboard and an excellent option for teachers who need to be able to transport their gear too.

Casio CDP-130 Stage Piano

The Casio CDP-130 is a great choice for players that want realistic piano feel and tone whilst keeping weight to a minimum. Powered by Casio's AHL sound source, you'll great sounding pianos along with other built-in instruments, effects, MIDI connectivity and more making it stage-friendly. The Casio CDP-130 is extremely user-friendly and does away with elements that could get in the way of your performance and practice. The top panel is really minimal and gives you quick access to all aspects of the piano without the need for diving into menus. Likewise, the connectivity is clean and clever. For digital connections, MIDI and USB are on hand whilst a single headphone out makes it possible for silent practice when you're at home.  

Yamaha P-45

The Yamaha P-45 is one of Yamaha's, if not the world's, most competitively priced digital stage pianos available today, combining highly portable design with a host of unique features, professional grade sounds and extremely useful connectivity options.

  1. Despite being a full-sized, 88-note keyboard, it’s remarkably slim and compact.
  2. The graded hammer standard weighted keyboard is a joy to play as it gets heavier the lower you go on the keyboard, offering superb realism when playing all styles of music.
  3. It isn’t laden with superfluous features. What you get here is a great keyboard, and a small selection of very high quality sounds in a very portable package featuring Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generator.
  4. Though it has 88-notes, it’s still an astonishingly lightweight stage piano – just 11.5kg!
  5. It’s made by Yamaha, and yet it costs less that £400. To get a piano this good, for so little money is astonishing.

These lightweight stage pianos are in many ways the perfect instruments for gigs or just transporting from place to place. They provide the best possible sound and performance, but at the lowest possible weight - a great combination for all musicians who are on the go. For more information about any of the above, call our stores or customer service team (01925 582420), or see our online store by following the links above.