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M4SONIC Launchpad performance logs 250,000 views in 24Hrs

M4SONIC Launchpad performance logs 250,000 views in 24Hrs

Electronic Artist M4SONIC has become the latest Launchpad superstar, courtesy of YouTube…


It seems that YouTube has pushed another Novation Launchpad-based electronic artist into the spotlight, this time in the form of 21-year old Australian producer, M4SONIC. You might remember that last year, Madeon was amassing an incomprehensibly big YouTube following via his 39-track mash-up, ‘Pop Culture’. Whilst M4SONIC ‘s ‘Virus’ performance is based around Ableton and a Launchpad, there are some key differences- not least of which the addition of a second Launchpad (!) The result, however, is truly staggering.

Truly live, unsynchronised performance

Aside from the two-fold increase in Launchpads, there is a key operational difference in the way M4SONIC works when compared to Madeon’s ‘Pop Culture’. Whereas Madeon’s track is locked to session tempo, and uses the trigger mode to play clips, M4SONIC fires his audio clips in User 1 mode. In essence, he plays the two Launchpads as an instrument, with no synchronisation. So, if he misses a cue, or hits a wrong note, it’s just as it would be on any other instrument. He is playing the whole track live.

Novation Launchpad S

The extraordinary dexterity that M4SONIC displays when performing ‘Virus’ is something to behold. With each hand working entirely independently with such ease, you may have suspected that the Aussie producer has a musical background involving black and white keys. Well, you’d be right. According to his biog, he began his musical career playing classical piano. So, if you’ve been feeling a bit frustrated, working through the Hanon exercises, but with aspirations or creating music like Deadmau5, then it seems your efforts might serve you well… 😉

Ableton Live 9

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