Dawsons Manchester Piano Department

The Dawsons Manchester piano showroom is looking better than ever…

The Dawsons Manchester piano department is looking particularly well at the moment. Whilst this part of the shop is always a bit of a treat for those of a keyboard playing inclination, currently it is very well stocked with an array of excellent acoustic pianos. From beginner instruments to baby grand pianos and everything in-between, there is a pleasingly wide selection of instruments in stock.

Yamaha GB-1 in Dawsons Manchester Piano Department

Yamaha Pianos aplenty

The core of the instruments available in the Manchester piano department is a great selection of Yamaha acoustic pianos. In the musical world, the name Yamaha is a symbol of quality, regardless of the instrument it is on. The Japanese company was founded as a piano and organ builder in 1887, however, and this legacy and experience is apparent in its instruments today.

Yamaha B2

One of the most popular Yamaha instruments in the range is the Yamaha B1. This compact upright is an ideal beginner’s instrument. It is, in fact, the most affordable acoustic piano that Yamaha has ever produced. Despite this, there is very little in the way of compromise, and it maintains the renowned quality, bright, dynamic tone, and superb playability of its higher priced siblings.

The bigger brother, the B2, expands on this with bigger dimensions, but a ‘bigger’ tone to match. Both of these instruments are on display in the Dawsons Manchester piano department. For those who prefer the ‘darker’ tone of European pianos, the Manchester store also has the ever-popular Yamaha P-116 piano.

Yamaha P-116

Stepping up a size, we have possibly the most popular pianos we sell. Dawsons is lucky enough to be able to source reconditioned Yamaha U-series acoustic pianos in plentiful quantities, in incredible condition (these are often refurbished to the point of being like a new piano inside), and at great prices. The U series pianos are phenomenally powerful and dynamic instrument, with full, warm tone. Both U1 and U3 models are available to try at the Manchester piano department now.

Yamaha GB-1 - Sound Board

For those with more space, the excellent Yamaha GB-1 baby grand is also in stock. The entry-level model in Yamaha’s grand piano range is compact and yet elegant, and uncompromising in both tone and playability.

Even more acoustic pianos…

There are few bigger brands in the world of pianos than Yamaha. However, alongside this range at Manchester, there is also a selection of pianos of incredible quality from Perzina and Winchester. Perzina are an old and highly respected piano brand, originating from north Germany. The pianos the brand builds pianos, which uphold the high standards upon which the brands name was built, but now at more affordable prices. The Perzina 118 is a great example, delivering full, classic European tone at a price that belies its stature.

Winchester 110 in our Online Store

The Winchester 110 is another piano that represents exceptional value. This mid sized upright offers the specification, quality of tone and performance of a mid-sized upright at a price more befitting a small, beginner instrument. Both of these models are on display in the Dawsons Manchester piano department.

Of course, having a great selection of instruments would be nothing without some helpful, and exceptionally well-informed staff to help you to understand the differences between instruments and help you find your ideal piano. At Manchester, you’ll find our piano specialists, Darren and Andrew, are only too happy to help in this regard.

If you would like to visit our Manchester piano department, full location and contact details can be found here.

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