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Marina MD-10SE Acoustic Guitar Overview

Marina MD-10SE Acoustic Guitar Overview

Is the Marina MD-10SE the best acoustic guitar under £250?

The affordable acoustic guitar models from Farida ‘s sister brand, Marina. These guitars are produced to the same high standards as the Farida instruments, but aimed at the more affordable end of the guitar market. The MD-10 NS is a stunning example of the ethics that underpin the range. A dreadnought sized guitar, it plays and sounds like an instrument many times its cost.

Solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides

Marina MD-10 NS Acoustic Guitar Overview

The Marina MD-10 NS is constructed with a classic combination of tonewoods. The solid spruce top delivers, bright, sweet tone with excellent sustain, whilst the darker sounding mahogany back and sides matches this with a warmer, more powerful tone and volume. The result is a guitar with an even, balanced and versatile tone.

A major advantage of a guitar with a solid top (rather than a laminated top) is that, as the guitar ages and the wood dries further, it becomes more resonant, meaning that the guitar will sound better as it gets older.

The Marina MD-10SE has a neck that is also made of mahogany, with sonokelin fingerboard and bridge. Unlike many guitars that could be considered ‘beginners’ guitars’, the neck profile and action are designed for easy, and comfortable playing. The guitar has an attractive, satin finish, and die-cast chrome tuners complete things nicely.

Marina MD-10 NS Acoustic Guitar Overview

The key question, however, is how does the Marina MD-10 NS sound? Well, it sounds just great. Lively, dynamic, bright and sustaining- it’s hard to believe this costs less than £250… Have a listen to ‘The Dave’ putting the guitar through its paces above to hear for yourself.

The Marina MD-10 NS in summary:

  • Dreadnought body size
  • Solid spruce top – bright sustaining tone, plus it should sound better with age…
  • Mahogany back and sides – adds thick, warm harmonics to the guitar tone
  • Mahogany neck – slim profile with sonokelin fingerboard
  • Easy playing action – ideal for beginners
  • ELAN-4TN pre-amp – Includes 3-band EQ and tuner, great for playing live
  • Superb value

The Marina MD-10SE provides yet more evidence as to why Farida is one of the fastest growing acoustic guitar brands in the UK. Ideal for beginners, but a superb instrument for all levels of player, the MD-10 NS is a snip at £249.

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