Leeds Music Store Electric Guitar Floor
Located on Vicar Lane, the new Dawsons Leeds store is a short walk off the Headrow and Victoria Gate shopping centre. It is an integral part of the vibrant music community in Leeds city centre.

The Dawsons Leeds store is the baby of the family, opening in 2011, just the 100 or so years after we were established!

But as we all know, nobody puts baby in the corner.

This particular baby is all grown up now as we have just tripled the space, yep, the store is now three times larger than previous.

Located on Vicar Lane, the store is a short walk off the Headrow and Victoria Gate shopping centre. The store is ideally placed to support it’s role as the cornerstone of music retail in Leeds and be an integral part of the vibrant music community in Leeds city centre. The store staff are well known local musicians and many customers are welcomed as friends, as well as fellow musicians.

The store continues to go from strength-to-strength and is now seen by most Leeds musicians as the music store in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area. Not only is the store now the largest music store in Leeds city centre, it is also one of the largest in the UK.

It’s Guitar City in Leeds City

Our Guitar store was always a great place to visit as there was something for everyone, whether this be someone looking for a beginner guitar, a guitar pack or something sexy.

But if you thought it was good before, just wait until you see the new Guitar Store. We’ve pretty much quadrupled the space given to guitars, with the Electric Guitar shop bigger than the entire old shop! The above photograph really doesn’t do it justice, as the full space is more than double what you see in this snap.

Old favourites such as Gibson, Epiphone, Fender & Ibanez get a boost and see their range extended but we have also introduced a range of Jackson guitars plus Charvel, PRS and more (please check with the store for details of which models are available in-store).

You might have noticed that we were just talking about electric guitars here. We haven’t forgotten about the acoustic guitars, that’s because they have their own dedicated floor!

The range of Taylor, Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars is huge, one of the best in the area (probably the best but we don’t like to brag!). The only way to prove it is for you to see it yourself.

Sax, Drums and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Superlatives are often over used and we are in danger of falling into this trap ourselves but when you triple the size of a store, it’s hard not to exaggerate.

Whilst it truly is an extensive range of guitars, we haven’t ignored other musicians. The piano shop has doubled its space and gets special treatment from two of our piano suppliers, Yamaha and Roland. So if you’re looking for the best piano for beginners or the latest digital piano technology, just come into the piano showroom and play any of the pianos in-store.

In addition to these fine and upstanding musical instruments, the store sees the introduction of a dedicated DJ & Recording Equipment studio. Compared to our offer in other stores (see inside the Manchester store), it’s fair to say that the old store was somewhat lacking in space allocation. However, we’ve totally blown this out-of-the-water with the launch of a whopping specialist area for DJs and home recording enthusiasts. There is a massive Pioneer DJ area, along with an extensive offer from Focusrite, Native Instruments, Presonus, M-Audio and the outstanding Universal Audio.

The Big Daily Show

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Made TV to support local musicians and are delighted to announce that we are the new Sponsor of the Leeds The Big Daily Show.

Formerly known as The Lowdown Show, The Big Daily is the prime entertainment show for the Leeds area. Focus is on entertainment and is scheduled daily from 6:30pm for an hour. The shows presenters are award winners Mel Crawford and Tom Evans.

Map & Directions to Dawsons Leeds